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  1. kathym1971

    Preparing for new case manager position

    I will be starting a new job as a RN case manager for one of the largest healthcare systems in northern California. Needless to say I am very excited for this opportunity....and very nervous. I have no case management experience whatsoever so I'm very fortunate to have landed this position. Can anyone give me some pointers on how to prepare myself to be successful?
  2. kathym1971

    CM for a military base clinic

    Is anyone familiar with the job duties of the nurse case manager of a military facility? How is it different from a case manager at a hospital?
  3. kathym1971

    MCH Interview but no experience

    Thank you so much. Those are some great tips. I will definitely be doing more homework on the county.
  4. Help please! I've been notified for an interview for a Maternal Child and Adolescent PH nurse. I desperately want this position, however, I have no experience in this area of nursing. Any pointers for how I can prepare for this interview would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance.
  5. kathym1971

    Interview Question - Biggest Mistake

    How would you answer the interview question, "What is the biggest mistake you've made as a nurse?"
  6. kathym1971

    CA Public Health Nurses

    Thank you for the information. I actually had to go on line and order a duplicate copy which cost $30. Bummer that I had to pay since I never got the first one but since it had been over 90 days since my first one was supposedly issued, I had to pay.
  7. kathym1971

    Case Management through Nursecore

    I recently submitted an application through Nursecore. I spoke with a recruiter and she explained that some of the duties involve case management. I have no experience with case management. Can anyone shed some light on what is involved with this through with Nursecore? Thanks.
  8. kathym1971

    CA Public Health Nurses

    About a year ago I applied for my public health license in California. I received my BSN out of state and since my Public Health course wasn't sufficient for the required child abuse course credits, I took a self study course which took a few months for me to complete. In the mean time, they held my application, my transcripts, and my check. Once I completed the course, I then proceeded with the application process and never heard back from the Board of Nursing. I figured maybe I took too long with the self study course. Shortly after, I had to move out of state for 10 months so I decided I would look back into applying again once I returned. I recently moved back to California and knew I needed to submit a change of address with the Board of Nursing. As I went through the website and followed the links to do this, I discovered I had been issued a PHN license back in 2014 after I submitted my self study course certificate. But I never received notification of this whatsoever. You can imagine my excitement as I figured I would be going through the application process all over again. But where is my physical license? Do we actually get one?
  9. kathym1971

    PHN Certificate

    I was in the same boat. Got my BSN in Montana and now living in California. I took a self study course on child abuse to receive the credit hours I needed for the certification as my Public Health course from school did not count. But after that, it was fairly easy. Just had to show proof that I completed the course, filled out the application, and paid the $75 fee. Now I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I land my dream job of working in Maternal Child Health. Good luck and I hope this helps.
  10. kathym1971

    Frontier (FNU) interview questions

    I've seen several posts about an admissions type interview. Is that something they no longer do? If so, I guess that's good. One less thing to worry about. =)
  11. kathym1971

    Frontier (FNU) interview questions

    I'm thinking pursuing my CNM at Frontier Nursing University. Can anyone tell me the types of questions to expect from the interview?
  12. kathym1971

    Pregnant HS student

    Interview question: How would you handle a HS student who confides to you about being pregnant?