Pregnant HS student


Interview question: How would you handle a HS student who confides to you about being pregnant?

HeartsOpenWide, RN

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How old is she? How old is the guy? Unless it constitutes as statutory rape her pregnancy is totally confidential and she is considered an emancipated minor until after the pregnancy is over. She gets to make all decisions about her health care. Let her know what kind of programs are out there for her. Be supportive, no matter what she plans on doing with the pregnancy (keep it or abort it). Educate educate educate.

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As HeartsWideOpen said, Be supportive and let her know her options: Abortion, Adoption or Raising the baby. I would also include discussing with her what is she going to do after the abortion or after the baby is born to avoid another pregnancy.

Flare, ASN, BSN

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Agree with above - would also find out is parents are aware and if she is getting proper prenatal care. Would refer to local resources based on desires of student to adopt, raise or abort. Most important to be non judgemental and supportive.