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    what do you do if your teacher crosses the line

    Thank you! Wow, your comments and good wishes really made my day! I am also looking at working for a year or so as an LPN to build my confidence and practice my new nursing skills, and then maybe looking at LPN to RN online. I wasn't sure whether it was a stupid thing or not for me to make an issue out of the bullying, but at least now this teacher is on the administration's radar. It still could backfire on me... I would hate to see anyone else go through what I've been through, it is affecting my digestion and sleep. Let's get through this thing and move on! I'm sending prayers and good wishes to you, too.
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    what do you do if your teacher crosses the line

    Hey, how is it going? What did you do? I had a similar situation with bullying that started slowly, but progressed to feeling way out of control, even other students were commenting on this teacher's behavior towards me and and offering me support, and finally I made a big stink to her supervisors, and then called for a 3-way meeting with a mediator. My teacher's behavior was way out of control. I didn't address her directly because I sincerely thought she was mentally unbalanced and calling her out on her behavior might be a huge mistake without some backup. During the meeting the teacher gave me the line about "I'd better learn to deal with the real world and not be so sensitive".... I reminded her that this is not the real world, this is a learning environment, she is not my boss, she is my teacher and I have paid several thousand dollars to learn nursing, and her teaching techniques are getting in the way of my learning. I have another couple of months with this teacher and am wondering how it is going to go. It all ended ok - I guess. Nothing truly resolved, except my issues were aired and she acted like I had created trouble for her, and I had acted unprofessionally and I had hurt her deeply be doing this to her. I'm still nervous, she could keep me from graduating. I'll be getting my LPN. I'm going to try to keep quiet from now on and just get the hell out of there and look somewhere else for my RN. I hope it works.
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    Nursing As a Second Career

    @ Looking for work: Uh oh.. I'm experiencing some of this behavior just as a nursing student. I am older (51) - second career, first was journalism - Even some of the students have been surprisingly vicious at time! My hope is that it's better in Home Health or in a non-hospital facility, like a mental health facility or hospice type of facility - I graduate in June with an LPN. New to this website, hope this was an appropriate place to post.
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    pre-req's & gpa for VTC

    Hi Erica, I also did prereqs at ccv, and I'm in the VTC PN program now (with Dionne!) and I'm wishing you the best. I agree with Dionne and am just writing to reinforce her opinion. I had an A+ in a&p 1 & 2. I worked hard for those grades, and I have to say that for me, taking the PN program at VTC is every bit as challenging as the a&p classes were. I do stay up late studying and working on projects quite often. It's not easy. Please note: Not everyone in our class got an A in a&p. Also, if you want to bring your A&P grade up - I don't know if you've done this, but please join or form study groups if you can, it really helps, and do at least some review every day (like flashcards) to reinforce the material. Good luck to you! Marcie