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  1. AnginaAngelaRN

    Duke ABSN 2012

    1. Yes there are definitely summer classes. Fall, Spring, Summer, Fall 2. ALL ABSN classes are on campus with the exception of Statistics that I know of so far. The master's program is on/off campus. 3. Not personally worried about getting a job with Duke health after graduation. I'm actually going to the Navy so that's not my concern, BUT it really depends on how your preceptorship goes as well as your relationship with your advisor + recommendations so keep that in mind. 4. I'm a first semester fall 2011 student and all I can say is: PERSEVERE! The process can be daunting at times and all the waiting can drive you insane but if you meet all of Duke's min. requirements, take solace in knowing you've done the best you can do. Don't hesitate to ask questions, and DO go to Duke Days if you can. It really gives you a glimpse of what the program is about and gives you a good idea of how you might fit in. Talk to current students, we really want to help you. Above all, best of luck and allnurses helped me when I was going through this process.
  2. AnginaAngelaRN

    Duke ABSN Fall 2011

    Thanks for your update. I was curious to see if anything had changed since you spoke with "her" and unfortunately, the situation still stands. She confirmed that they are still at capacity and do not have permission to return to the waitlist until they go under. She said that they will be sending a survey out to the accepted candidates who have not confirmed as of yet asking whether their fin aid is in order and whether they believe that they will be attending Duke. Once they get the survey back she said that they'll have a better idea of whether they are going to see any more drop off. She said that they hope to be sending us notification in the coming "week" about the situation, not necessarily to take people on the waitlist. Bottom line, we will have some kind of correspondence. In the meantime, she said that all who were interested in the Spring cohort will receive interview invitations when the rest of the applicant pool does. She said that this time around, they will have a group interview that takes the place of one faculty interview. She did say that doing another interview is completely optional and that either way we could just be considered again. She said the applicant pool is much smaller for the spring. I feel incredibly pessimistic at this point about the fall unless the survey reveals a significant amount of people do not plan on attending. She did say they are incredibly busy at this time handling spring cohort applications as well as trying to complete the fall cohort. She said we may even receive the interview email for spring before hearing back for fall, but they will pull until August 1st so all hope may not be lost. I really hope to hear some good news despite all of this and to the rest of the waitlisters; stay strong.
  3. AnginaAngelaRN

    Duke ABSN Fall 2011

    Well... it's July now. I've been hoping there would be more posts to keep me distracted during the insanely long wait but I guess everyone was busy having an awesome summer :DI have the anxious feeling that us fellow waitlisters will be receiving some kind of news sometime this week. I'm really REALLY excited to find out. Anyone else feeling the same?
  4. AnginaAngelaRN

    Geezzz..the wait on accepantace/denial for NS

    Hey all! I applied for my Fall 2011 BSN program last fall and I've been waiting ever since April. I should find out in the next few days... It... is... TORTURE! Good luck to every one, stay patient.
  5. AnginaAngelaRN

    Waitlisted? Rejected? NEVER Give Up!

    Wow, thank you so much for taking the time to create such an optimistic post! You have such a great spirit in you that will make you a wonderful nurse one day. I have been on a waitlist for what seems like an eternity for the school of my dreams. I should be receiving the final word in the coming weeks and I've become a nervous wreck. Your post was just what I needed to make it through the final countdown. God bless you, congrats, and good luck in nursing school :)
  6. AnginaAngelaRN

    Duke ABSN Fall 2011

    Hey guys! I hope everyone received the email she sent out earlier today. I'm so tired of waiting... everyday is more and more stressful! I'm just glad she gave us the final waitlist timeframe. I hope we'll hear something closer to late June over early July. I'm so proud of everyone for holding out this long. Duke is also my dream school and I feel pretty optimistic about getting in for fall. Good luck to all fellow waitlisters! Stay vigilant :)
  7. AnginaAngelaRN

    Duke ABSN Fall 2011

    Hey everyone! Just wondering if there are any more fellow waitlisters out there. I spoke with "her" recently and she said that there would potentially be more offers after May 12th. I'm thinking we should hear something around Monday. Good luck everyone :)
  8. AnginaAngelaRN

    Duke ABSN Fall 2011

    I GOT THE EMAIL AHHHHHHH! Congrats to everyone else! Now about those dates... Guess it all comes down to choosing one. The email honestly freaked me out because it was so simple and relatively short... The first line was something like "We are delighted that you've applied..." and I automatically panicked thinking the next line would be "but we are sorry that we cannot offer you an interview." SOOOOO much anxiety gone... for now :)
  9. AnginaAngelaRN

    Duke ABSN Fall 2011

    WOW. The end of the week cannot come quickly enough. So they're notifying us by phone... or email? Or both?
  10. AnginaAngelaRN

    Duke ABSN Fall 2011

    Ridiculously excited about this weeks imminent emails... I've been stalking my inbox since midnight. My semester grades come out this week too, so I've been stalking those too, lol. I'm thinking about hiding my computer from myself for like a few days so that I can get off of it. Anyone else? :grn:
  11. AnginaAngelaRN

    Duke ABSN Fall 2011

    Hello everyone! I've been stalking this thread (and other threads from years past) for like 2 months now and allnurses has been really glitchy about getting me my activation code! Anyway, I'm really glad to see other people going through the application process. Now the hard part: waiting! So just out of curiosity, are there any young folk applying to this program? I'm 20 and will be newly matriculated come this spring. Cheers!

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