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  1. Paula Gayle

    I cant read MD handwriting! Ack!

    Even if this is one of those situations where the nurse and MD have a office or clinic relationship, it has error is written all overi it. It is time for all to green: paperless.
  2. Paula Gayle


    This is wonderful to hear that the more experienced nursses are warming up to the current trend of new grads in the ICU. I am fortunate to have witnessed great new graduates transitioning to care on my unit. I was there to help them through the rough moments and I must say they were many but am proud to say that they are all doing well. Good luck in your endeavor.
  3. Paula Gayle

    "Waiting on pharmacy?"

    I agree that the pharmacy issue is a disaster. The delay in patient care is tremendous. There has to be an easier automated way of approval of medicaltion and its reasonable delivery.
  4. Paula Gayle

    What is a PDA for ?

    I concur with the previous post. The capabilities are rapidly endless.