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  1. cory'swife89

    Essay for admission into nursing school

    I skimmed through it. I think it's still kinda long especially for someone who reads alot of letters.
  2. cory'swife89

    Need help making a decision please

    No one can tell you what you should do. You have to take chances. I think you should get your ADN but I don't know your situation. Whatever you decide research the school and area for job availability. Check how much on avg you can make an hr. See if most jobs are full time or part time or prn. See how many years of exp most jobs require. Just research, research, and more research. You don't have family or close friends to help you out with your kid? Also I live in the Woodlands. I'm going to school in Houston. I drove to my school to est how much gas it would cost me a day. I only put a few bucks in to see how far i would get. I times that with the number of days I will drive up. A budget is a good idea!
  3. cory'swife89

    Are the parent easy to deal with?

    I know how so parents can be a**holes when they are concerned. How often do you come across this? I'm interested in this pediatric nursings. I'm also curious about the job altogether. TIA
  4. cory'swife89

    How do you deal with.....

    Thank You for the responses! I was naive to think that a ER would be a fun place. I have alot to consider it. The last 4 years all I could think about was working in the ER. I still want to that's my dream job! Idk why but that's the only place I can see myself. For some reason I want to work the late night shift. That's why I decided to go for my BSN. I hope I can learn to keep my emotions in check. I've been working on it. I wear my emotions on my sleeves!
  5. cory'swife89

    ER Personalities

    I think I'm a type B! i hope i can make it! lol!
  6. cory'swife89

    How do you deal with.....

    I want to be an ER nurse. I'm so worried about freezing up when something serious happens. I worried that a mother will lose (or is afraid to lose) her child and I will break down with her and not be able to perform my duties. I had to go to a CPS hearing a long time ago with my uncle to win custody back of his kids (his ex was on drugs wanted the kids back so she called CPS...long story short the system failed those kids but in the end my cousins where back where they belonged with their dad) and we saw a mom there (relinquishing her rights) and the dad there in handcuffs (losing his rights ) because he raped his daughter . It was awhile back but I remember she will have to use a bag to potty for the rest of her life. He damaged some of her organs. How can live with those images in my head? How could the nurses handle that? Now let's say that a guy just abused a woman/child physically or sexually :mad:and he was stabbed. How do you hide your disgust for this person? Let's say is it's a woman that abused her kid. How do you handled that? I know it's unethical to tell them they are the scum of the earth and they deserve a needle to the arm. I just don't know if I can handle these scenarios. Another question how often are you presented with these scenarios? Am I watching too much TV? When I think or ER I think of me just saving lives. My friend asked me today was I being realistic with myself? There is alot of bad in the world but does the good outweighs the bad that in the ER? Thanks
  7. cory'swife89

    Online CPR Cert

    i wouldn't feel comfortable taking it online....the first i took cpr i didn't pay attention and goofed off....i took it again for recertification and was thankful....i had to use cpr on my daughter (age 3) and all of my kids choked at least once....ages (8 months to 3)....
  8. cory'swife89

    are any of you...

    lol! not all.....when didn't have as much and as on gov't assistances. i had no problem with it's what i needed to do to survive so i'm going to do it. my hubby pays his taxes it's taxes and i felt i needed that money back... i'm not a single parent. i'm a stay at mom. i have been for the past 4 yrs. this is why i'm going back to school. i don't ever want to be in that position....plus i've been on the and i've been on the top and i would have to say i like the top better.... it's very funny...people will always find something to judge you about even when it's nothing there......i have 3 kids, i'm 21 and i still have my last name...you'll be amazed the looks i get when they see little ole' (i look like 16, i'm 5'2' weight about 125) walking with my kids in the grocery store. my total comes out to about $600 i know are waiting for me to pull out a foodstamps card. i pull out that damn bankcard and shine on them. i love it....i live in the woodlands.....
  9. you can email and i will send it to you. i'm lazy about it right now. i will forget this thread it's ntell@rocketmail.com
  10. cory'swife89

    Online study group!!!

    I can find a room were we can log in or we can even do it on fb.....i was wondering did anyone wanted to create a online study group....i'm going to hcc but plan on transferring to lonestar
  11. cory'swife89

    Is it fair to have a take home mutiple choice exam for A&P1?

    i'm not going to even read everyone answers.....my answer is HELL NO!!! i've been studying and decided to take some classes online and that damn classes even do there quizzes online. no other class do that i'm ****** off. school hasn't even started i got my hands on an outline i researched and study everything. and now i want even be properly tested on my knowledge. i'm afraid i'm going to do so well they will think i'm cheating
  12. cory'swife89


    Ok, yall I'm getting to start. I'm working on my prereqs. I decided to hold A&P1 off until next time. It wouldn't fit into my schedule. I'm taking sociology, pysc, english and remedial math since i didn't do so well. i'm also taking speech. i have got hesi notes from some nice person on the forum once again ty! you are a lifesaver. i hope one day i have notes to pass out and prepare someone for their future. i also have a&p1 notes plus i took a medical assistant course which gave me a really good boost. i have all of my books from them. i have paperwork on paperwork on how to give injections and take blood. the tubes color and what they mean. i have my terminology. if anyone ever want that i can scan it later and send it out. my school for online classes you can look at the outline of the semester before (with the same teacher) and get ahead start which i have been doing. anyone taking psyc at hcc i will send you an outline. same thing for sociology. so my question is there anything else i can do to help myself get ahead also i willing ro make quizzes for someone if they are willing to return the favor on whatever subject. i find it's easier to study because you never know what's going to be thrown at you.
  13. cory'swife89

    Trying to get into nursing school in Louisiana or Texas

    i was talking about your gpa. like whoever said nursing is hard to get into. you need to raise your gpa
  14. cory'swife89

    Houston Community College Nursing

    i have done tons and tons of research. hcc is very tough only the brightest make it through. lone star is a good one too. i'm still in the pre reqs stage. which hcc do you plan on attending? have you applied? you to do alot of pre reqs before applying. with lone star only pysc, sociology, and a&p1 is required. i probably transfer to lonestar not because of the horror story but it is closer.
  15. cory'swife89

    BSN OR ADN Fall 2011 Hopefuls, mainly TEXAS

    i'm at hcc. i plan on transferring to lonestar and applying. i hope to get a&p done by then and my hesi. gl