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  1. cps.5784

    Letters of Acceptance to Golden West College?

    Does anybody know when Golden west accepts applications? Is it only once a year or twice a year?
  2. cps.5784

    New TEAS V Science Section

    I just took the test on the 8th and for some reason I did better on the actual test than on both my practice tests... I got around 75% for the practice tests and I got 87.3% on the actual test. I don't know why there was such a big difference. Maybe I didn't take the practice tests as serious as the actual one... So don't be too bummed if your practice test scores are not what you expect. The science, like everyone said, was hard... a lot of chemistry... ionic/covalent/polar/nonpolar.... That kinda stuff. English was okay you don't really need to know all those specific things like direct object, indirect object... I didn't really see any of that stuff on the test. Main thing was science... it had a lot of details that I didn't expect to see on the test so study hard!
  3. Is it true that nursing jobs are harder to find now? I would think that with so many students pursuing nursing as a career the jobs would fill up so quickly... People also tell me that hospitals do not like to hire new graduates. Just wanted to see if anyone has any insight/opinions on this. I am a pre-nursing student, I have applied to several ADN programs. Thanks! :spin:
  4. cps.5784

    Santa Monica College ADN Schedule

    Santa Monica College does not go by a merit system... meaning they don't select you based on how high your gpa they will place you on the waitlist if you meet the requirements. Then they require you to take the NLN which is a much harder version of the TEAS test. This is their way of weeding out the people who are not prepared because A LOT of people fail the NLN. I'm on the waitlist myself... I won't be able to start until 3 semesters from now . Really nervous about the NLN because they said almost half the people fail... hopefully I will be accepted into another program.
  5. I live in California and have recently realized how hard it is to get into any public nursing school.. I've met an RN who told me there are out of state online schools that have degrees for nursing and they allow you to do clinicals close to where you live. Most of the ones I have seen are for RN to BSN so I wanted to know if there are anything like this for non-RNs. I have considered Excelsior but I'm not sure if California recognizes that college... also the thought of a three day clinical exam is too stressful. Your input is greatly appreciated! Thank you :)