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    Grand Canyon University

    If you come in with a 3.7 or higher they will basically cut your tuition in half. It comes out to be about 4500 a semester which is about 25K for the whole BSN course. That is about half of what my other colleges I am applying to will cost. It's a great deal but you must maintain a 3.5 or 3.6 on order to keep it. I will be applying soon for the Fall Semester and hope I get in. I would love to see what non-degree holding applicants had ( TEAS/GPA) when they got accepted.
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    <Information about Touro Nevada>

    Are you talking about the Nov 11 semester? How are they reviewing and making waitlist when the deadline for apps. isn't for almost 7 month? If you were waitlisted what kinda of GPA did you have and what was your teas score? if you don't mind me asking. I am just wondering if they have a formula or something if they can already waitlist people if they probably haven't received many app. since many apps. will be contigient on this coming spring semester credits.
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    <Information about Touro Nevada>

    I am looking to apply to Touro for the session starting after this spring semester. I would love to see what the scores and numbers that people had that got into the BSN program. Just trying to figure out what I need to be competitive.