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    Columbia University ETP 2011

    Hey everyone. Congrats to all of those who were accepted and condolences to the rest. I was waitlisted for the Anesthesia track. I must say that reading the posts regarding the Midwifery and Anesthesia waitlist hopefuls was a little disheartening, but not entirely unexpected. I think my GRE did me in. I'm considering LIU part-time as a backup. What is everyone else doing as a backup?
  2. linc668

    Columbia University ETP 2011

    He he. I like your sense of humor.
  3. linc668

    Columbia University ETP 2011

    Omg! This is an iguana delay?!? That explains everything!!! Our prayers and thoughts extend to you Lola. May you have a quick recovery, and may we all hear a response on Tuesday (hopefully a good one). :)
  4. CouchDiva23. This may sound silly, but how do you apply? I can't find anything when I search the Internet.
  5. linc668

    Fired. Will I ever work again?

    I am so sorry to hear about your situation. Best of luck in finding a new job!
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    Columbia University ETP 2011

    As we all hold our breath waiting for a response, I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who asked insightful questions, and all of those who took the time to answer them. I found this thread particularly helpful, as well as a source of comfort. However, at this point, like many others, I'm waiting on tenter hooks to find out if I was admitted. I applied to the CRNA track, and knowing that it is probably the most competitive program available (since only 10 students are admitted a year), I'm finding the wait particularly painful. Good luck everyone! :hpygrp: