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  1. appleorchrd

    Goal: Neonatal.. need advice on schooling

    I know it is a long road ahead of me. Should I go for RN first or just go straight for BSN? I live in the Cleveland area and I'm not sure where to start exactly, so I'm trying to narrow my choices down. Any neonatal nurses here with advice for schooling or my career choice? Or any nurses, of course :)
  2. appleorchrd

    schools in NE Ohio? for RN

    oops, just realized I posted this in the wrong forum! sorry!
  3. appleorchrd

    schools in NE Ohio? for RN

    I am very determined to become an RN, and at some point hope to be a Neonatal nurse. Ideally would like to land a job at the Cleveland Clinic but I'm sure everyone does. My highschool GPA is appalling, but I'm hoping with some explanation they won't write me off as easily. Also, that was over 5 years ago. I know Tri-C has a program, but hear it's a long wait? I have heard Notre Dame has a good RN program, and have also sort of looked into the Cleveland Central School of Nursing for LPN. Any advice as to which school has the best program? Cost is not so much an issue, I just want to get started! :) Thank you for reading!!