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I am very determined to become an RN, and at some point hope to be a Neonatal nurse. Ideally would like to land a job at the Cleveland Clinic but I'm sure everyone does. My highschool GPA is appalling, but I'm hoping with some explanation they won't write me off as easily. Also, that was over 5 years ago.

I know Tri-C has a program, but hear it's a long wait? I have heard Notre Dame has a good RN program, and have also sort of looked into the Cleveland Central School of Nursing for LPN.

Any advice as to which school has the best program? Cost is not so much an issue, I just want to get started! :) Thank you for reading!!

oops, just realized I posted this in the wrong forum! sorry!

As far as LPN program I hear that Central School of Practical Nursing has a pretty good program. The problem is the credit you earn there will not transfer to another school. So if you decide the get a ADN or BSN you would have to start from the beginning. There is a wait for the program at Tri c but, you have prerequisites before you start the program so by the time you finish those class you probably can apply for the nursing program and get in. The good thing about Tri-C is that I think they pretty much let everyone in so you can work on your GPA while taking your prereqs. Lakeland Community college also has an RN program. I know someone who is in it now an she likes it so far. Kent State has a satellite campus in Twinsburg and they offer an ADN.

The wait list for Tri-C is not bad at all compared to other community colleges in the area. I believe they are admitting for Spring 2012 right now. While waiting, you can take your prereqs which qualify you to apply for the program then once admitted, you can take all your other non nursing classes to pass time til the program starts.

I've heard that Lakeland has a pretty long waitlist and then I have some coworkers that attend Kent and have told me it's pretty competitive to get it. But, of course this is all hearsay since I attend Tri-C myself and don't know much about the other programs in the area.

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