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  1. New grad nurses- what did you do to get hired?

  2. Where are the RN/LVN jobs?

    Hi Everyone I am a nurse license in CA. Graduated 2010 and pass the NCLEX the same year. No job for 9 months now.. I applied to every post in, I walk in to the LTC's and only 1 facility called me for a position with 20 applicants. It's...
  3. Hi everyone! For the new grad RN/LVN's what did you do to get a nursing job with the current economy? I cannot understand where the nursing shortage is coming from because every place I go to are accepting applications but they are not hiring. I am f...
  4. Hi everyone! does anyone know how to get an NY LPN license when you have CA LVN license? I am thinking about relocating to New york. Any info would be a great help! Thanks!
  5. Hello Nurses! Does anyone have experience with Piedmont Gardens in Oakland? I am scheduled for interview. For the nurses who are working/ have worked in Piedmont Gardens, what was the interview like and how long did they called for orientation? Thank...
  6. Piedmont Gardens Oakland

    Hi I just wanted to ask you how long did Piedmont Gardens contacted you that they will hire you? I would also like to ask you about the interview. Thank you. Andrea
  7. California's 2009 New Grad RN Program- Who's hiring right now?

    Hi I just wanted to ask you how soon did Piedmont gardens contacted you regarding your application. I will have an interview with them tom. Thanks!
  8. Hard to find a job in L.A. as a new LVN

    Hi I have been looking for an LVN job and they all want nurses with at least 1 year of experience. For those nurses who went out of state to get the job, what state did you go to and what are the process that you made. I am from San Francisco bay are...