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  1. Sorry for the late reply it's been months since you posted this. Did you decide to attend this school already? Well anyway, I have two friends that graduated from there. One is already a nurse and the other just recently graduated, and I'll be going to that school too. I just passed the entrance exam. They said it's a pretty good school and cheap too compared to other schools I called. It cost 17,500. The only thing is as for loans they only accept Sallie Mae or you can pay in cash monthly. As for me paying in cash is not an option so I'd go for the loans hehe. People there are nice too by the way. They are very welcoming I just came in there and took the test. No hassle with the whole admission process. Hope that helps even though it's late.
  2. pur3child007

    Valley School of Allied Health in Reseda, CA

    thanks for the reply now I'm relieved.
  3. I'm having trouble deciding whether to pick the Fixed Repayment or the Interest Repayment option on Sallie Mae loans. If any one has any knowledge or experience with this kind of loan, opinions are welcome! I really need help deciding.
  4. pur3child007

    Valley School of Allied Health in Reseda, CA

    This thread has been a year ago. I'm wondering if you finished lvn through this school because I just passed their entrance exam and ready to fill out the enrollment sheet by tomorrow. I'm a little worried why they require SS number though. Can anyone help me out?