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Would you consider attending a provisional accredited school?


I really wanted to attend an LVN school (Valley School of Allied Health) that I really liked since it's close to where I live, has been recommended by a friend who recently graduated there, and for it's low tuition. Unfortunately I recently found out that it's a provisional accredited school according to BVNPT - California Accredited Schools. I don't really know what it means but it kinda worries me. Is it a bad thing? Will it affect any effort of finding a job or transferring to a different school? It did say it expires on 9/30/12.


Specializes in PCU / Telemetry. Has 9 years experience.

I would never attend a school that did not have at least full accreditation. Anything less than that is a gamble, and if I am spending so much money on an education, I rather get the best.

Is this a new school?? Often, schools have "provisional" accreditation/approval because state BONs require that a school have graduated a class or two before they get full approval, in order to see how the graduates do on the NCLEX. In that case, provisional accreditation/approval just means that they have met all the other requirements and are waiting for the necessary time to pass for students to graduate and write the NCLEX. I would not consider it an unacceptable risk to attend a provisionally accredited/approved school in that situation.

Yes it is a new school and thanks for your advice. I have two friends that graduated from there one is already an LVN and the other just recently graduated.