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  1. anne2424

    OHSU Accelerated Bachelors to Masters 2011

    Is anyone looking for a roommate in Portland? I am going to be starting the accbac program end of June too. I was thinking of of going the studio/onebedroom route, but I'm starting to think I'd like to have roommates to live with. Let me know if you're looking for a roommate. I'm pretty flexible on where I live. I know that I'd like to be relatively close and wouldn't mind having some local coffee shops/farmer's markets etc to add to the neighborhood. I'm coming from California so I don't know the area very well. I'm pretty sure that financial aid has budgeted our living expenses to be about 750 a month max, so I'm going to stick to that and hopefully even end up with room to spare budget wise. Feel free to contact me!
  2. Hi everybody, I could really use some advice. I am sincerely hoping that someone out in cyberspace can point me in the direction of a bank that will approve a loan without a cosigner. In addition to not having a cosigner, I have had a mix up with my credit history. It is under dispute but won't be rectified until exactly 2 days before my program begins. So until then, I can consider my otherwise decent credit score virtually destroyed. To make matters seem even more critical, I have to apply for an apartment and won't get approved without using a student loan. The apartments with leases that are available for when my program starts are unfortunately taking applications now, and without a loan I won't have a place to live lined up. I'm moving to another state for school. From where I stand it seems pretty hopeless, but I am hoping there is an avenue that I'm not aware of? Your help would be great if you've been through this or know of anyone who has!!
  3. anne2424

    OHSU--Connect with new cohort

    Definitely would like to connect! I'm moving from Sam Francisco and have no idea what the different neighborhoods are like so I'm visiting tomorrow actually. If anyone is near Portland and wants to grab a drink let me know!
  4. anne2424

    OHSU's Accelerated BSN program 2012

    Juliahd! I'm moving from SF too, would you be free to chat over the phone?
  5. anne2424

    **Samuel Merritt ABSN Summer 2011**

    Hi everybody, I got the 89K figure from Financial Aid at Samuel Merritt. That includes lab fees, graduation fees, health insurance, living expenses, uniforms, books, and quite a few other things. I'm going to the SF campus so I am not sure if the fees apply to all the campuses. I just asked to join the FB page. Hopefully that was the correct one. There seem to be several started. Looking forward to meeting everybody!!
  6. anne2424

    **Samuel Merritt ABSN Summer 2011**

    Well just in case 58K didn't sound too high for everybody. The expected cost of attendance comes out to over 89K. I'm a little worried that they are not processing our financial aid until mid-march. Sf campus starts in April...that is cutting it really close! I know it will work out somehow, it has too. I called the office and their best advice was, wait. So this is me waiting:-/ In the meantime, I'd really like to meet all of you on Facebook! I started a group under Samuel Merritt ABSN. It looks like since then people have started creating separate groups for the individual campuses. If you live near SF (no matter what campus!) lets meet up. It would be really helpful to have a sounding board for all of the hoops we'll have to jump through in order to get everything squared away. Plus I have a GREAT guy who comes to your house to certify you for CPR, if anyone needs it.
  7. anne2424

    **Samuel Merritt ABSN Summer 2011**

    Hi Everyone, I made a facebook group, if you would like to join and get connected through that. Just Search Samuel Merritt ABSN. I just got accepted to the SF campus for the summer program. A little surprised to find out so close to the beginning of school, but happy to be in anyway!
  8. This is for everyone in the ABSN program. I know this thread is form last year but I was hoping to find out about how you are doing now that you have had time to go through it. Why did you choose Samuel Merritt?Would you do it again knowing what you know now?What was the work load like? As crazy busy as everyone makes it seem? How do you recommend I prepare for the program, should I be brushng up on pathophys, pharm, physiology? I've just been accepted and I'm trying to decide if this is the right fit for me. Thanks!!
  9. anne2424

    Accepted to OHSU??

    Hi everyone, I wanted to check in with you to see how your enjoying your time at OHSU? I've applied and I'm waiting to hear if I've been accepted. I have been trying to research student experiences but surprisingly there isn't alot of info out there. If any of have 5 minutes to spare and are interested in letting me know how you are feeling about the program, work load, organization, or just any general info you wish you had known before beginning it would be really helpful!! Thanks!!
  10. anne2424

    Quinnipiac ABSN May 2011 Cohort

    Hi Megodette, Any particular reason why you moved out there so quickly? I will be looking for a place so I may have questions for you soon! Thanks for the offer! I'm hoping to find a roommate or two from the program, so if you know of anyone let me know! What have you heard about the program so far? I set up a facebook group if any body wants to get connected on there. Just search "Quinnipiac Accelerated Nursing Program" and it should pop up in the results. Chickago, I had some volunteer esperience, A's in my prereqs, and about a 3.6 for undergrad (my major was as far from nursing as you could get btw) I hope this helps!
  11. anne2424

    Quinnipiac ABSN May 2011 Cohort

    It's crazy I have only heard good things about the school. It's far more expensive than my other options but it might be that you get what you pay for!
  12. anne2424

    Quinnipiac ABSN May 2011 Cohort

    Hi Everybody, I was accepted here, and I'm hoping to connect with other students who were accepted as well as former grads who can help me decide if this is the right fit. I was also accepted to a few other schools and I want to be sure. If you're a former student and have a few tips, some knowledge that you wish you knew before starting the program, please post! Also if you were just accepted to the cohort starting this May, say hello! I'm moving from California, and looking for a roommate. I'd love to get to know others who are too!
  13. anne2424

    NYU Accelerated BSN Spring 2011 Applicants

    Hi iJenny and B-Rizz! I feel your pain coming from California:) I am in San Francisco and it seems like a world away. I've been looking on Craigslist and talking to as many people as possible about housing. To everybody: I set up a Facebook group called "NYU ABSN Spring 2011" You can copy and paste that into the FB search engine. It should help us get connected and if people are looking for roommates we can at least get to know eachother a little before we arrive in NYC...wow a year ago I never thought I'd be going to nursing school in NYC. Just hit me. Phew.
  14. anne2424

    NYU Accelerated BSN Spring 2011

    Hi everybody, I wasn't able to find the group on Facebook so I set one up under "NYU ABSN Spring 2011" If there is already a group I'm happy to delete the one I made so it doesn't get confusing, but I wasn't able to find it when I did a search. Hope to you on there so we can get things figured out, and get connected a little easier! -Anne
  15. anne2424

    NYU Accelerated BSN Spring 2011

    I'm from sf too! Search for me on fb if you want to meet up for a coffee or a drink:) I did send in the deposit, waiting to hear from other schools as well. Trouble is nyu starts so much sooner than the others that I might just have to go with that rather than risk waiting for the others. Would be cool to meet up with you if you're free!
  16. anne2424

    NYU Accelerated BSN Spring 2011

    Hey Giants! Where in CA are you from?