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ARNP, wife and mom of 6

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  1. misty_dawn

    Let's talk bonuses

    I'm a new grad just getting ready to negotiate bonuses. 30% or more of my practice is cash based services and the rest is billable by insurance. How would you want your bonuses structured? Two bonuses.... one for production and one on cash services? ...
  2. misty_dawn

    Malpractice insurance

    I just passed my certification exam YAY!!! Once I have my active state licence and NPI number I will be starting my job. My question is where do I start looking for my own malpractice insurance coverage at? What type of coverage should I look for? Th...
  3. misty_dawn

    Post MSN FNP Online Programs

    I just completed the online post masters program at Eastern Kentucky University. It was wonderful and I am happy to say that I just passed my certification exam this past Friday. I felt very prepared for the exam and for going into practice. It is an...
  4. misty_dawn

    Reported to the BON

    As a new NP this is such an eye opener to me and I thank you for this post. I never thought about needing my own malpractice insurance as my company provided a policy. I will now be looking into my own policy. I thank you again.
  5. misty_dawn

    Simply Frustrated

    We have 1st grade little girl who is extremely obese and is continuously wetting her pants and being sent to the nurses office. This has been an on-going situation since last year. The last nurse, principal and teacher had several conferences with t...
  6. misty_dawn

    Asthma issues and sending kids home....

    I agree with Flare. If the kid is in distress and the parent refuses to take them home then I would tell the parent that it is fine I will just call 911 and she can pick him up from the ER (and have a bill to pay). I am sure that would work but I hav...
  7. misty_dawn

    Letter for parents

    Wow I wish we had a memo like that, especially for our frequent fliers
  8. I completely agree! Most of the time I do not have spare clothes to fit the students so I end up calling home anyways.
  9. misty_dawn

    Anyone going.....

    to the NASN conference next June in Orlando??? I am planning on going because not only am I a school nurse BUT it is also on Walt Disney World property and I am a Disney fanatic!!!!
  10. misty_dawn

    School nurse smartphone Apps?

    Do any of you use any apps on your smartphone to help with school nursing, if so what are they?
  11. misty_dawn

    Do you enjoy being a school nurse?

    Exactly how I feel....very well said. I love my job and have only gone home 1 day exhausted this school year. I feel that I have made the best choice for me and my family!
  12. I think my biggest adjustments had to do with the lower pay and being on salary too, but then I think I have holiday breaks and summer off so am I really making that much less considering I will be getting paid when not physically at work? The parent...
  13. misty_dawn

    Is this what night shift really does to us?

    I feel your pain. I worked strictly nights for three years. I felt like a zombie every single day....unless I scheduled myself for like 6 days off in a row. My health went downhill, I was moody, irritated and no fun for my family. I got depressed too...
  14. misty_dawn

    If you weren't a nurse, what would you have become?

    1. Professional Traveler- you know the ones who get to review the hotels and airlines 2. Cupcake bakery owner 3. Hospitality at Disney World 4. Wedding Planner
  15. misty_dawn

    Is your workplace haunted?

    We were just talking about this today. I work in an old elementary school and our security system guy was there fixing one of our cameras. He told us that last week one of our new high schools burgular alarm went off at 2 and 3am on a Saturday. He an...