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  1. student72767

    Insulin dosage

    Studying for an exam. Here is where I am stuck. If a patient is on two different types of insulin: 12 units Novolin Regular and 40 units Novolin NPH The Regular is sliding scale. Are the two a ratio which move in relation, or does the NPH always remain the same while the Regular changes according to the sliding scale?
  2. student72767

    Question- dosage calc

    Thanks! I missed that rounding. I should know better!
  3. student72767

    Question- dosage calc

    I am not sure if I understand this question, is there extra information in it? Did I solve it correctly? Administer Azithromycin 500mg IV over 90 minutes. The IVPB solution is mixed as 500mg in 50cc D5W. The IV set being used deliveres 15gtt/ml. The nurse should infuse the antibiotic at how many drops/min? My answer is: 500mg x 50ml x 15gtt = 90min x 500mg x 1ml 8.33gtt/min Thanks!