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  1. bina2345

    How much MONEY do you make? (questionaire)

    1 year experience Flint, MI RN-ADN $31.00/hour full time w/ benefits
  2. i never liked study groups.......i have my own way of understanding and remembering things. i attended one once and found it to be an enormous waste of my time.
  3. bina2345

    Hurst Review for NCLEX

    I did the online Hurst review and found it quite helpful. It's quite expensive if I remember correctly, but you could always establish a study group to commit to watching the lectures together and cut the costs, I suppose. There were some cheesy skits involved, and that woman's accent was somewhat annoying at times, but overall I thought it was a tool worth having in my toolbelt! Good luck to you. Let us know how it works out for you.
  4. bina2345

    Hesi Exit Test

    I am a relatively new RN and had to pass the HESI in order to graduate.....the kicker was that the policy was implemented just before we graduated. No prepping or anything. Most of the time, as I understand it, they have you taking these tests periodically all the way through the program. We were required to get 900. If not, we had to take it again....after paying a generous fee for a "refresher course". If you didn't pass that time, I believe you were out the door, with the school refusing to release your info to the state so you can sit for the NCLEX. Thankfully I passed with 903 on the first try. I took the NCLEX a couple months later and passed on the first attempt...75 questions in just over an hour. I totally agree that a third party should have no bearing on graduation rate. I heard that this policy is used as a tool by the school to make the schools look better as a result of higher NCLEX pass rates. It's nice to know that there are educators on the side of the students on this issue. I didn't get much of that from the faculty at my school:(
  5. bina2345

    Starting pay for new rn

    I am a little north of you, in Flint, but I started at Genesys (not as a Graduate Nurse-as I was already licensed) as a new RN at $27.742/hour. Shift differentials were 7% for 2nd shift and 8% for 3rd shift. I but I was quite dissapointed at the amount of money taken out of my check for union dues and initiation fees. In my first 6 months of employment, I was docked over $700.00. I also worked for the Peplinski Group at a LTC facility as a LPN and RN......starting pay at the time for LPNs was $24.75/hour-no diffs, and $29.00/hour for RNs. I know it isn't in the exact area you're talking about, but thought it might help. Make it a good day:)
  6. bina2345


    Hi....i've read a lot of awful things about davita on this site......it doesn't seem like any of it is from michigan, though. Just looking for a little feedback on the company in the michigan area....is it as awful as everyone makes it out to be? What are the hours like for a rn? Average pay? How are the benefits, etc.....any feedback would be useful. Thanks, everyone:)
  7. bina2345

    Genesys Regional Medical Center

    I would advise checking into other hospitals in the area first......It is pretty, but I know much happier people at McLaren and Hurley. Their starting pay for RNs is $27.742/hour, which isn't that great. In the first six months that my friend worked there, she paid over $700.00 in union dues. They don't have many options as far as 12 hour shifts are concerned....McLaren is mostly 12hour shifts. Most positions are every other weekend at Genesys. McLaren is mostly every third weekend. There are some awesome nurses that work there, don't get me wrong. Oh, and I THINK that their RN contract is up this year, and if you are local, we all saw how they dealt with the technical workers last summer.......just some things to think about.