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  1. blkdiva

    Do i stand a chance to become a nurse. G.P.A=3.1

    try miami dade nursing program. your gpa is not bad to me when i went to bcc and i got a C in chemistry and transfered to miami dade i thought that i would have to have to take that class over to bring my gpa up. but the advisor wouldn't let me sign up so i went to the dean and they explain to me it looks bad when you repeat a class. to me all nursing classes are the same. i'll be finishing my prereqs at miami dade in the summer...
  2. blkdiva

    Florida CEUs

    no...u get whatever you need. ceufast.com. mostly home health ask for them. if you work for a hospital or nursing home they will give you some ceu like hiv osha and stuff
  3. blkdiva

    new lpn= no job

    passed boards in nov and i can't find a job no where in miami! i've applied everywhere even in different counties. everyone wants experience! how am i suppose to get experience if no one hires me. i have my iv therapy and everything...even home health are asking for for experience or not hiring at all. lol...i'll keep praying :nurse::nurse: and start my pre req for RN in summer! after BSN i will be moving up north...
  4. blkdiva

    new lpn = no job :(

    passed boards in nov 2010 and i can't find a job! everywhere in miami wants experience or bilingual spanish speaking. i'm born in america i speak creole. i've done the iv class. i took time off from school to look for work but i have no luck...even home health are asking for experience how am i suppose to get experience if nobody hires me? i'm applying everywhere from miami to wpb and no luck...but i'll keep trying :nurse::nurse:
  5. blkdiva


    i passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. blkdiva


    Took my pn nclex today and and just did the pearson trick and good the good pop up! it's was 85 questions. thanks to everybody with the encouraging messages even though it was directed towards me! now i'm going to pray and sleep!
  7. blkdiva

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

  8. blkdiva

    Taking pn in a fews days!!!!

    I'm taking my nclex monday! i'm nervous and happy and i'm leaving everything up to God i've made it this far :):):):) i know he has my back!
  9. blkdiva

    exam cram book/cd

  10. blkdiva

    exam cram book/cd

    i take the exam in 10 days for my pn !!!!!! is exam cram a good study guide? i'm studying from saunders too.
  11. blkdiva

    I am really scared now..

    did it really help?
  12. blkdiva

    my friends,i passed my enclex!!!!

  13. blkdiva

    Took NCLEX PN today

    yay!!!!!!!! good luck!
  14. blkdiva

    NCLEX in 2 Weeks!!...FREAKING OUT!!!

    u will pass hun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. blkdiva

    Nclex-pn super nervous

  16. blkdiva

    Nclex-pn super nervous

    i take my nclex-pn exam in exactly 30 days i am super nervous. are there any tips? i've been doing questions from saunders 4 edition and listening to helen feuer nursing review.