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  1. luvtwilight

    Upgrading my license to Compact question

    I just applied to upgrade my FL license to a Compact license, as it wasn't a compact state at the time I was initially licensed. I am confused about needing to have fingerprinting done through Livescan. I already have fingerprints on file in the Clearinghouse that are active for 5 years. The application said something about needing to submit fingerprints through Livescan if it had been longer than 90 days. But what is the point of paying for them to be kept in the Clearinghouse every 5 years then? Of course I can't get through on the phone to the board and no reply yet from my email inquiry. Thanks for any help!
  2. luvtwilight

    Private Duty in Florida

    No I work for a couple national agencies, I don't know anything about working independently as a Medicaid provider, sorry.
  3. luvtwilight

    Private Duty in Florida

    Hi Renee! Great news, I did relocate to Florida in 2013 and have been happily working my private duty nursing job for the last 3 years! Let me know if you have specific questions, I'm not sure if you can send private messages on here? I don't get on here too much anymore.
  4. luvtwilight

    Taking time off in home health

    That sounds amazing, I hope I can find an agency like yours!
  5. luvtwilight

    Taking time off in home health

    After 5 years in private duty and now that I am a RN I am burnt out with this field and ready to transition to doing home health visits. I am just curious as to how it works when you need to take time off. I like to take a week off a couple times a year to visit family out of state, would that be a problem in home health? Is there usually other nurses that can pick up your visits for you? What about sick days? I have grown accustomed to the flexibility of private duty and am just wondering how flexible home health can be, TIA!
  6. luvtwilight

    FL RN license renewal

    I just moved to FL about 3 months ago and obtained my FL license by endorsement. I have checked the bon website but am still confused on when our renewal is!? And since I was newly licensed in FL this year does that mean this next renewal coming up I will be exempt from ceu requirements? Also can anyone recommend a good site to use to obtain your ceu's from? TIA!
  7. luvtwilight

    Legal to have 2 patients to one nurse in home care?

    One is a trach and both have Gtubes and require feedings at night. They are in seperate bedrooms and the nurse is expected to sit in the living room and listen for alarms. I am not going to accept this case. I don't feel comfortable having 2 patients both getting feedings that I cannot visualize at all times, what if one of them vomits, especially the trach patient, and aspirates?! Also I didn't get any training, literally walked in the door and PCG couldn't wait to go to bed, I didn't know where any supplies was located and it was dark. I will be calling the agency to let them know I have decided not to accept the case!
  8. I work for a private duty agency in FL and just got a new case where there are 2 brothers in the home that receive care and only one nurse. In another state I worked on a case that were twins but each one got a seperate nurse. I feel like it is double the work, double the charting, I should be making double instead of a lousy $2 extra an hour! I'm sure the agency is pocketing the rest, is this even legal or anyone else have a case like this?
  9. luvtwilight

    Could someone please explain the CEU's?

    Thank you SO much for your quick response!
  10. luvtwilight

    Could someone please explain the CEU's?

    Hi I am a RN from MO hoping to relocate to Florida in the next year. I have read over the sticky on CEU's but am still a little confused! Do you have to get CEU's every month to total 24 in two years, or say can you do 4 here, 8 there... do them all in one month or spread out over the two years... In my state we have no CEU requirements so this is totally new to me. Also can you recommend a good website to use to get them that will keep track of everything for you? Thanks in advance for any help!
  11. luvtwilight

    Home Health Agencies in Florida

    My dream is to move to the Florida panhandle in the next 2 years and I was wondering what the job outlook would be for me as an RN in home health care, specifically private duty care. Are there plenty of agencies in the area? Do they have enough clients to give you steady full time work? And of course the question that is always asked, what is the pay like in the area? TIA and I welcome all advice on relocating to Florida as well!
  12. luvtwilight

    RN pay for private duty in Florida

    Hello again Florida nurses! I have decided to relocate to Florida, specifically the panhandle somewhere around Pensacola. I currently work for Maxim, a private duty agency, and they have a branch in Pensacola so I was just wondering if anyone could give me an idea of what the pay would be like there. I make $18 an hour here in Missouri. Any information you can give that would help someone relocating to that area would be greatly appreciated!
  13. luvtwilight

    I feel overwhelmed

    If you don't feel comfortable then just say NO! I think it is unacceptable to work ANY job with just one night of orientation, let alone taking care of 9 precious children. Don't let them push you into something you don't feel comfortable with just because it's "the holidays" and they're short, it's not fair to you or the children you're caring for. I'm sorry you're in this situation and I feel for you, good luck! :heartbeat
  14. luvtwilight

    Thinking of moving to Florida!

    Thanks for the replies! I do plan on contacting the regional office to my company in florida to find out if they would have patient assignments for me, although I will still have to sell my house here and it will probably be at least another year before I am able to do that. My husband became disabled last year after a serious motorcycle accident so we are not going to be looking for any work for him down there. I was hoping since I am already employed with this agency that I will be able to transfer down there and find a client. I am not used to making big bucks in private duty so I'm not looking to get rich or anything, and I was hoping I can take advantage of the down economy and find a good deal on a house. I would love to hear more feedback and any information or advice you can give me about the area! I am just so ready for a change and I don't want to be stuck in Missouri for the rest of my life so I figured now is the chance to take a leap of faith and move somewhere that I've always wanted to live, before we have children and get settled down.
  15. luvtwilight

    Thinking of moving to Florida!

    Hello to all the Florida nurses! I am from Missouri, born and raised, and have had enough of the cold weather! My husband and I visited Florida on our honeymoon this year and absolutely fell in love with it! We stayed in Destin and fell in love with the beach and the ocean and the people! People were so friendly and it was just a whole different atmosphere than what we're used to here in St.Louis. So we have thought about possibly moving to the Gulf Coast, somewhere up by the panhandle near Destin. We're young and have no kids and just really want a change. I was wondering what the job market is looking like there for nurses. I work private duty and the company I work for is nationwide and they have a location in Pensacola so I was hoping that would be to my advantage and I could just transfer down there to their agency. I would appreciate any advice you have on Florida living and best places to live near the panhandle. We are used to living in the suburbs and would like to find a small beach town with nice subdivisions, nothing in a big city type area. Thank you so much!
  16. luvtwilight

    my wonderful day

    This reminds me why I stay in home health! :hug:

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