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  1. Personal malpractice insurance

    Does anyone else have personal malpractice insurance in addition to what the employer provides? Any comments about whether it is worth the extra cost will be helpful. Thanks!
  2. NP license renewal

    I just found out from my employer that I can use my CE allowance to pay for uptodate...
  3. Adult Gerontology Primary Care NP Job Outlook

    I don't know about family practice... But you could work in an internal medicine clinic, nursing home and specialty clinics.
  4. UTMB Fall 2016 FNP

    I am in the AGNP program starting this fall; I think that is all we have to do right now...
  5. UTMB Fall 2016 FNP

    Starting this fall too in 2016. Chpeter82, can you send me this email too @ voee21@yahoo.com ? I never received it or may have accidentally deleted it. Thank you!
  6. UTMB Fall 2016 FNP

    Hi! So glad I found this site. I was also accepted into UTMB AGNP this fall (2016). I never received a new student guide email! So far, my attempts at uploading documents through mySTAR have failed. No wonder, I should have used Certified Profile. I ...
  7. Texas Tech Second Degree BSN

    Thank you for replying! And GOODLUCK during your interview. I haven't received anything and the wait was/is killing me. I called them and I was told Austin has not been sent out yet. My guess like yours, will be next week or even the end of this week...
  8. Texas Tech Second Degree BSN

    Hi! Do you know if interview emails were sent to applicants in Austin too?