Personal malpractice insurance

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Does anyone else have personal malpractice insurance in addition to what the employer provides? Any comments about whether it is worth the extra cost will be helpful. Thanks!

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According to the American Nurse's Association (ANA), "Many nurses mistakenly believe they are covered by their employer's Liability Insurance — until a licensing board complaint or lawsuit is filed and they find that no one is advocating for their interests." Also, "a complaint or suit can be filed even if you did nothing wrong, and an investment in liability insurance will protect your future and the future of your family."

I've been had personal liability insurance since I was a student nurse. As a working RN, I continue to have personal liability insurance as I don't exactly know what my employer's coverages are. It is my understanding and belief that an employer's coverage and their attorney will only watch out for the employer's best interest and not my own. I read an article that mentioned that certain circumstances could occur -- an employer could sue the nurse to get back money paid if negligence occurred and that if a hospital goes bankrupt, money might not be available for legal services. (Knock on wood) I haven't had anything occur, but if it does, then I feel better having the insurance. I've used both NSO and Mercer Proliability. Those two seem to be the most recommended by nurses and professional organizations.