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  1. gonnanurse

    Free CNA training in Boston area

    I ran across the following free cna training program and thought I would share. Even if people miss the deadline, you could keep the information for this institution on file and call periodically to see when they will be offering the training again. Saint Patrick's Manor 863 Central Street, Framingham, MA They are now taking applications for a free nurse aide traning program. The application deadline is June 5th. First day of classes is June 23. Last day is July 10. All training takes place from 8am to 4pm. The contact for the program is Morena Murga. If anyone ends up enrolling, please let me know how it works out.
  2. gonnanurse

    Free CNA training in Boston area

    I am interested in becoming a cna, and would like to get free training instead of paying for the American Red Cross course. Does anyone know of any nursing homes in the Boston area that is starting a class in April that I could try to sign up for free? Thanks!
  3. gonnanurse

    Excelsior or Deaconess (Chamberlain)?

    For out of state students, is it hard to find a clinical site?
  4. gonnanurse

    Chamberlain College of Nursing

    Is it hard for out of state Chamberlain students to find a clinical site?
  5. gonnanurse

    For Everyone Just Starting with EC

    You might also want to link into Indiana State Universities online LPN to BSN program.
  6. Since you will be an RN, why risk going to EC for the RN to BSN? There are many reputable schools out there that let you do RN to BSN online for probably the same price or less than EC, and then you don't have to worry about whether or not your degree will be accepted. Just do a search for rn to bsn online on google and see how many programs come up.
  7. On several occasions on this website I have read abut students paying outside companies for help to get classes out of the way when doing Excelsior. I don't understand why. There are THOUSANDS of universities out there that let you enroll and take general education courses easily if you are not a degree seeking student. It can be done online, or through the external degree programs/non-traditional degree/degree completion programs. Some places let you take classes through correspondence vs online. Programs like this are available at reputable state universities for relatively low tution. The other option is registering for CLEP exams, buying a study guide on amazon.com and going from there. Obviously, this doesn't apply to the nursing courses. I just say beware of the middle man! You don't need anyone to "help" you get through the general education courses. Good luck.
  8. For those who may be interested, here is a link to an online ADN program in nusing. Clinicals have to be done locally in the area of the school. http://www.nmc.edu/flo/programs/nursing/
  9. gonnanurse

    distance learning BSN programs

    Look into Brenau University in Atlanta and Jacksonville University in Jacksonville Florida. This website might also be useful : http://www.allnursingschools.com/ Although, it doesn't necessarily have all schools on it. Good luck
  10. Hi after learning about Deaconess on this discussion board, I applied and got in for January 2005. So- I am wondering if anyone out there took the leap as well? Now that I am in the program, I am going to start looking for a clinical site for the second semester. Luckily, it will be summer, and since I am a teacher, I will have the flexibility to complete the hours, as well as travel to Missouri. I am sure the third semester will be challenging since I will be working. I would appreciate information from anyone as far as transferring in credits, etc. I am planning to take the general education courses at either CCC online or Rio Salado. Anyway, I look forward to hearing from any of my "classmates" out there.
  11. gonnanurse

    Anyone heard of Deaconess?

    Is anyone starting Deaconess in January 2005? I applied but haven't heard anything and I am getting nervous. Thanks
  12. gonnanurse

    Anyone heard of Deaconess?

    Is anyone starting Deaconess in January 2005? I applied but haven't heard anything and I am getting nervous. Thanks
  13. Hi I was wondering if anyone has taken CLEP exams to meet nursing prerequisites? The test is available in Growth and Development, Psychology and Sociology which are common requirements. The tests cost $55 and study guide prices vary on Amazon.com from $18-40. It doesn't seem that different than registering for a distance learning class since its basically independent study. Seems like a good way to save money and earn credits quickly. CLEP tests would also seem to work for students who are in RN to BSN programs that require you to go back and earn general studies credits since they have the tests in english, history, literature etc. Tests might be alittle harder in the sciences if thats not your thing.... Their website has an exhaustive list of college who accept CLEP credit. I do know that some colleges have a limit (like a maximum of 12 credits). http://www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/clep/about.html I haven't done it yet, but since I have a degree in education, I feel that with a some studying, I should be able to pass the the human development and psychology test, so I can save money for my science classes. Anyway, anyone out there have any feedback? Thanks.
  14. gonnanurse

    Can I get some info on CCC- online

    Do the CCC Online A&P, micro and chem include the 1 credit hours for lab?
  15. gonnanurse

    Night/Weekend programs

    Brenau university also has an RN to BSN program that is online/and/or evenings/weekends. I believe you meet just a few times during the semester. Also check Clayton State University