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Maternal Child, Ortho, Med/Surg
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Dimples925 has 7 years experience and specializes in Maternal Child, Ortho, Med/Surg.

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  1. Dimples925

    LPN to BSN @ Indiana State U...here is the info i got!!!

    Hi RDelaney, I am thinking about signing up with College Network to finish up my pre reqs so can I start at ISU. How is it though? I read a lot of bad comments about them but ISU recommends them to take your prereqs because it is faster. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I am interested in the LVN-BSN program through ISU but want to know if anyone around my area is on this program. I am in northern California, in San Joaquin County. Just want to make sure that this program is legitimate and if it is not hard to find clinical sites. I have read some previous posts that they are having a hard time finding a hospital to do their clinical. I just want to make sure that I will not have a problem with that once I need to start clinicals. Any information will be greatly appreciated.
  3. Thank you guys for your responses
  4. Thanks :)
  5. Does anyone know about the LVN 30 Unit Option here in California. Interested of going through this route. I have been an LVN for 7 years. Thanks.