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Queen33FutureLPN has 11 years experience as a CNA.

Been in healthcare for 10 years!

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  1. Queen33FutureLPN

    LPN program

    Yay! Congratulations!
  2. Queen33FutureLPN

    LPN program

    I’ve always wanted to go to school for nursing and the fact that I’m finally going is so mind blowing to me. Anyone else feel this way?
  3. Queen33FutureLPN

    Advice for CNA with unplease-able resident

    The only thing you can do is to continuously be kind to your resident. You won't always get the easy to get along with residents. Sometimes you get the unpleasant ones but you still have to go in with a smile and do the best you can.
  4. Queen33FutureLPN

    New nurse feeling incompetent

    If you don't cut yourself some slack!!! I have never met anyone in healthcare who didn't struggle the first couple of years.
  5. Queen33FutureLPN

    Leaving federal job for nursing school

    It really depends on your own personal reason. If you are looking for a change of pace then Nursing is definitely the route to go. It definitely doesn't seem like its a financial reason for you. You will basically make the same pay as a RN as you do a technician.
  6. Queen33FutureLPN

    Making a living as a CNA

    I would definitely recommend it because you can gain a lot of knowledge being a cna in a hospital.I know about different medicines and what they are used for.I even know the steps to starting an IV.You also gain confidence in how to handle different patients and their attitudes.I am so happy I became a CNA before I went straight into nursing.I decided it wasn't for me and that I would rather be a Physical Therapy Assistant.Being a RN is so much responsibility and I am not ready to have someone else's life in my hands.I have heard to many nurses say that if they would have known it was this hard that they would've tried something else.But I have heard a couple say that they love their job.It just really depends on the person.I would definitely encourage you to become a CNA and see if being an RN is something that you truly want and have a passion for.
  7. Queen33FutureLPN

    Making a living as a CNA

    Congrats!!!Are you in school to be a RN?You are so right that is a job within itself.Until I go back in August I will be saving up so I won't have to work so hard and still be able to pay my bills.
  8. Queen33FutureLPN

    Making a living as a CNA

  9. Queen33FutureLPN

    Making a living as a CNA

    You can definitely make money as a CNA. I started out working in nursing homes for about 9 months and I finally got an offer to work in a hospital. It was the best thing money wise I could have done. I work at least 104 hr a paycheck. After my regular 84 hrs I make $15.74 a hr which is great and I can get all the overtime I want. I am in MS of course cost of living is not that high here. I will admit to make money you have to work really long hrs. What I like to do is turn my 12 hrs into 16 hrs a day and work 7 days a week. Therefor I can get my overtime and not have to work on my off days. This year I made close to 30,000 and that is a huge jump from the 15,000 I made in ltc. I encourage any CNA to get into a hospital and especially one that offers a lot of overtime.
  10. Queen33FutureLPN

    CNA pay

    I work in a large hospital in Ms and I make 9.66 an hour.My fourth job as a cna because the previous job I have worked did not pay enough.I couldnt accept that I was going to be making 7.25 in a nursing home doing what I do.So I tried my hardest and got a job at the hospital. I have been certified for a year.
  11. Queen33FutureLPN

    Does anybody really care?

    What I have learned since being a cna is the only thing you can do is your job.You can't spend your time thinking about what everybody is not doing it will only make you upset.Just do the best job you can do!!!
  12. Queen33FutureLPN

    Co-workers don't want to help me change residents!!!

    I am not trying to be mean when I write this but everyone has their own patient load that they have to care for.When I need help with a patient I first ask my co worker if you are not busy or when you have time could you help with a patient.I do not think they should drop what they are doing to help me.Having 12-13 patients by yourself is hard and stressful enough.You want to at least be able to get along with your co workers and respect their time to.:) Good luck in the future!!!!
  13. Queen33FutureLPN

    First time as CNA - any advice?

    Please do not get frustrated take your time.Always do your job to the best of your ability!!
  14. Queen33FutureLPN

    How did you get your job?

    I got certified last August.I got a newspaper and saw that a nursing home was hiring cnas.I went and was hired on the spot.Hated the nursing home I was there for 3 months.While I was working there I got a prn job at another nursing home.I filled out an apllication and came back the next day.After working prn for a month a full time position came up and I took it and I quit the first nursing home.I had a job interview and was hired.I was there for for 9 months.I didnt hate but I wanted to try something new.I really wanted to work in a Hospital it took almost a year and 5 applications later when I landed the job interview.It is one of the biggest hospitals in my area.I feel really blessed that I got the job.The pay is good and after 1 year of employment they pay for you to go back to school.The thing about the hospital I work at is that they want you to advance and they will help you do it.The nursing homes I was at the pay was not good and basically you were stuck there.I love hospital work so much more.:):):):)
  15. Queen33FutureLPN

    Best way to get a hospital job as CNA?

    I worked in ltc for 9 months before I started my job at the hospital.I put in a application every 2 months.I was on my 4th application before I finally landed a job interview at one of the biggest hospitals in my area.I think what really made me stand out was my resume.On my 4th application I decided to upload a resume stating what I can do and I also wrote a paragrah on why I decided to become a cna.I think thats what got me the interview.I work on the pulmonary floor at my hospital and alot of people do not stay on that unit because they think its too hard.But I love a challenge.My advice to you is upload a resume and update your application every 2 months.Good Luck!!:)
  16. Queen33FutureLPN

    Extra Money

    I did talk to my nurse manager and she said the latest I could stay was until 3 in the morning.Thats 8 extra hours for me.I am saving up for a car.