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hope1234 specializes in SPN.

My name is Hope . I am a LPN student in Tennessee

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  1. Not quite sure yet...

    Been in LPN class since May. It is very tough, but worth it. Just know, if you decide to go for it, for a year, your life must revolve around school. And dont worry about the Math. If you can add,sub, multiply, divide,and the Metric System then you ...
  2. TN Tech Elizabethton

    To hopefulnurseab: Have u already taken ur Compass?
  3. TN Tech Elizabethton

    U r welcome, anytime. It is all very confusing. oh, one more thing off the top of my head. Dont plan on buying ur books cheaper online. They wont release the book list. They kinda force u to buy it from the bookstore. And if they tell u that you will...
  4. TN Tech Elizabethton

    I expect to graduate April 2012. To my knowledge, there is no way to graduate early. The class is 11 months for all. We all learn and test together. U will b evaluated each term. U must maintain a 81 average to remain in the class. Not to say your g...
  5. TN Tech Elizabethton

    yep. started 2 weeks ago. LTC first then hospitals and dr office.
  6. TN Tech Elizabethton

    Not sure what everyone has told u but it is VERY fast paced. We do anywhere from 2-4 chp. in A&P per week. They try to cram as much as they can in before we start clinicials, which i am already doing,and only started in May. The Foundations is'nt...
  7. Does anybody really care?

    I just started my clinicials for LPN class. We are spending our first week in a LTC. I have been A CNA for years and I am sorry to tell you but this is the way it is most everywhere. While I agree that you will find some CNA"s that dont care, most r ...
  8. TN Tech Elizabethton

    I attend TTE. Started in May..
  9. I have just completed my first week in LPN school. Have taken 3 tests my first week. The best advice I can give you as far as preparing for school is to get some books now and start studying. A&P,A&P, A&P. We started with Med Term, which ...
  10. If offered job do they give you time to think about it?

    All the places I've ever worked at expected a reply directly following the offer. Biggest reason being, they prob. have several more waiting behind you.You can always ask if you can have some time. If I were you, I would have a back-up plan in case t...
  11. Passed my CNA exam!

  12. Work Keys Assesment

    Thanks for the info. SAT makes the test and said it was to be given with a calculator and formula sheet. Was this the case with yours? Im ok in Math but who can remember the formula for calculating board feet and stuff like that.
  13. Work Keys Assesment

    Has anyone taken the Work Keys Assesment Test that the TBR is requiring now at the Tech Centers. If so, whats it like? What all is on it? What do I need to brush up on? thanks for any info.
  14. New student with financial aid question

    New to it all too. Dont know about loans but Pell you can. The way it was explained to me, the school gets your Pell, they take what they need for tution, then give you the rest for supplies,uniforms, books, and whatever is left, you can use however ...
  15. I feel like there is nothing more to learn here.

    Very sorry, but this all sounds like a typical day at any LTC. I know that it can be very boring. If it helps, remember that while other differently certified employees r doing the BP's, ROM, and stuff like that, you r providing the most important ca...