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  1. ADN vs BSN

    Thanks, Tweetie. This was something just briefly mentioned in my nursing class a couple months ago. I'll go check out the topic on a search engine for info.
  2. I have a petpeeve when I see doctors talking out in the halls to family members about the care of their loved one, while the completely A&O loved one is sitting in the next room still not understand their dx or plan of care. Why is it that some d...
  3. Advice for a new RN.

    Thank you for both of your responses. My school does have an NCLEX review course that I'll be taking next week. So that will help. I'll remember to relax the night before, even though it's going to really hard. And I'll save the drinkin for afterward...
  4. Male L&D nurses

    something i noticed while going through the nursing program was every male nursing students fear and dread of the obstetrics floor. in fact, one man in my class was not even able to participate much in clinical because each laboring woman denied havi...
  5. ADN vs BSN

    Is there really a difference between ADN and BSN nurses? Do you think that only BSN programs should be offered?
  6. Advice for a new RN.

    I'll be graduating on this friday and I feel nervous about taking the boards. Does anyone have any questions or advice to give me about preparing for the boards?