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  1. TryingtoGetIn

    Taking A&P Online

    Hey Everyone, I was wondering if anyone has taken anatomy & physiology (1 or 2 or both) online? If so, did any of the schools frown upon it? Does anyone know of a program where you can take both A&P 1&2 online at the same time? Thanks! Caitlin
  2. Hi everyone, I already have a BS in biology and my long term goal is to obtain my NP. I am looking at accelerated BSN programs in and around Boston, including Simmons and MGH. I understand that these are some of the best programs in the country, however they are SO expensive. In comparison, I am looking at Rhode Island College and UMass Boston to save money. Right now I am thinking that I will save money on my BSN and try to get into the best NP program regardless of cost. How important is where you go to get your BSN for future opportunities? Will there be many more opportunities for me if I go to Simmons as opposed to a cheaper BSN school that is not as established as Simmons/Curry, etc? Thanks so much
  3. TryingtoGetIn

    Simmons Collete Accelerated BSN

    Hi everyone, I am really interested in applying to Simmons for the direct entry program, however my husband and I are not sure where we will end up after his post-doc ends in 1.5 years. That being the said, I am looking at stand-alone accelerated BSN programs (without the direct entry into the masters program). I am a bit confused by Simmons website regarding the existence of the ABSN. It is not clear to me that the accelerated BSN is offered by itself. The reason I am replying to this thread is because it sounds like the program mentioned above is an 18 month accelerated BSN program at Simmons. Is there one? If so, how do I get to it? Thanks so much everyone!