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Hi everyone,

I already have a BS in biology and my long term goal is to obtain my NP. I am looking at accelerated BSN programs in and around Boston, including Simmons and MGH. I understand that these are some of the best programs in the country, however they are SO expensive. In comparison, I am looking at Rhode Island College and UMass Boston to save money. Right now I am thinking that I will save money on my BSN and try to get into the best NP program regardless of cost. How important is where you go to get your BSN for future opportunities? Will there be many more opportunities for me if I go to Simmons as opposed to a cheaper BSN school that is not as established as Simmons/Curry, etc?

Thanks so much

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as long as it's accredited, doesn't matter. Have you looked into the NP program you're wanting to get into and see what they're requirements/preferences are? You might start there... talk to some people in the program and find out what they know and suggest.... would be a good starting point.

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Cost does not necessarily equal quality. It's the RN that matters and NCLEX does not care where you went, as long as the program meets requirements. Just stick with accredited programs. As far as I know no one much cares about your alma mater as long as it is accredited.

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