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    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    My brothers' name is Forrest Wood named after my dad, my grandfather middle name is Brick, thank God my mom did not name my brother Forrest Brick Wood
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    The Stigma of Mental Illness and Suicide

    Liddle I feel your pain, but I think we have come a long way. I do not hide my MI, I venture to say most of my co-workers know. But I do get tired of acting @ work, with family and when I do venture out for a social. It is so draining. Recently started a new med, since I was on other for quite a few yrs. ?? do you ever get so tired from the battle?? remember it is a disease, ex: diabetic that needs insulin. I will try to make you laugh, staff assigns me the bipolar,hx PPD, etc. all the time. My faith does help me get up and go to work. God Bless you
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    AWHONN Staffing Guidelines Please check this out:

    I work on a m/b unit. 29 yrs. OB, We generally start with 4 couplets, maybe you will have a high risk ante. We also have post op gyn. I work days, having discharges and admits, ongoing, sometimes not even counting how many pts. you actually have. We assign by acuity, of course thats in the beginning of the shift. We also take into consideration continuity of care. Lets face it our floor is 90% education. We have lactation 6 days a week, about 5 hours a day. I agree with earlier mention, you can be in one room for 2 hours assist with brstfdg. Oh do not let me forget all the documentation and serving hot tea with lemon on time! Add that to administration saying we are always over budget, compared to other floors in the hosp. A wise administrator, who no longer works here, said" please" the moms they are the ones who make the choice which hospital a family member will go to. I could go on and on