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  1. Chris NS

    Best way to clean stethescope tubing

    thats not to bad of an idea I will check that out
  2. Chris NS

    can someone help me how to make a CNA resume

    you can google CNA sample resume template
  3. Chris NS

    Which Littmann?

    well if I was in RN school or even in LPN school I would prob start with a classic II SE for school and than after I knew how to use a one two sided chest piece and can tell the difference from sounds I would but the Master Cardiology
  4. Chris NS

    stethoscopes for CNA

    you dont think getting the master classic 2 for more hearing and comfort of your eyes is over kill for my area
  5. Chris NS

    stethoscopes for CNA

    ok, I am trying to choose; most because the ambient noise part
  6. Chris NS

    Taking BP's - Use Diaphragm or Bell?

    arnt the krokoff sounds low picthed
  7. Chris NS

    stethoscopes for CNA

    hey I finally passed my CNA exam, but I didnt recive my papers, so I am waiting on that; its only been like a week and a half almost 2. As far as a stethoscope what would you use, can u vote what you would use Littmann Classic II SE(noisy at a LTC or hospital) Master classic II(same reason above and smaller) and softer ear buds for both or a regular double lumen tubing, with i believe plastic ear pieces so they do hurt. Much appreciated
  8. Chris NS

    CNA written exam

    being nervous is one of your biggest enemy when it comes to big exams like this, so shake thos combwebs and another thing never cram it never works;study months to weeks in advance if you can, but yes skills is the harest part and where most ppl goof up. To me MY skill validation was at my school and not at a test site so I got lucky, and the test I failed my first time, but re took it 2 months later and passed, dont realli know why I waited so long.
  9. Chris NS

    CNA test results

    well when we went to the exam site, they said it would be on the nurse registry with in 48 hrs and about 2 weeks for all the paper wheter you passed or not. For me I failed the first time but retook it 2 months later, ask me why, i dont knw myself but after the 2nd time I passed and I am proud I did decide to retake it. plus I can go back to my teacher's class with knowing I passed; I dont know if she knew I passed.
  10. Chris NS

    Sanford Brown in Skokie

    anyone going to the SBC campus in skokie and if you are and I know its early can you tell me if you like it? I am applying there but none of their programs are accredited, I give them the benfit of the dout and belive that they are brand new that they havent even gone through a first batch. So we will see what will happen in the future.
  11. Chris NS

    Phelbotmey/EKG program

    hey I am up to two school Jethro healthcare school and CMK healthcare school, Jethro at 900(that is a promo price and when it ends it goes up to 1800)the school at Jethro is 20 weeks total, i dont know the seprtate time. and the CMK is 780 with phelebotmy(6 weeks) and EKG(7weeks) i want to see whats the better school, what do you guys think I should go or if anyone has gone to these schools and their programs.THANKS
  12. Chris NS

    I Passed!

    congrats............I will be taking my cerifcation in about 1 1/2 months
  13. Chris NS

    CNA use of bell?

    i see, even tho I know people uses bell for b/p would a use of a bell as a CNA not useful
  14. Chris NS

    what kind of scope do you use on the job as a CNA

    ok i give you that the question was unclear, but anyways would you think that always haVing your own stethoscope (even if its a cheap one) and if its not wouldnt the ambient nosiE bother some people; also you would have to look for a stethoscope everytime ur doing a b/p
  15. Chris NS

    CNA use of bell?

    as a CNA when you are taking B/P do you ever use the bell?
  16. Chris NS

    CNA student

    ?can anyone help me out