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  1. freddiegirl

    cna class

    Thank you for your help. Yes believe I am in the wrong place
  2. freddiegirl

    cna class

    st elizabeth hospital florence kentucky
  3. freddiegirl

    st elizabeth hospital help

    sorry that would be in florence kentucky im going for cna training there at st elizabeth hospital wondering if getting on would be difficult after certified.
  4. freddiegirl

    How do you become a cna in a hospital

    how do you become a cna in a hospital
  5. freddiegirl

    Anyone start their career late in Life?

    started nursing when i was 16 got out of it for years going back into it at 48 they say your never to old
  6. freddiegirl

    cna training

    in kentucky going to st elizabeth hospital for cna training hope to get job there after training has anyone trained there and got a job
  7. freddiegirl

    cna class

    trying to go back to get cna certificate at st elizabeth hospital is it easy to get a job once certified
  8. freddiegirl

    st elizabeth hospital help

    i am fixing to give a order entry job that i have had for years to go back into medical can anyone tell me if they know any thing at st elizabeths hospital training classes and if its easy to get on there hospital after the training for cna
  9. freddiegirl

    cna class

    does anyone know how good the classes are for cna at st elizabeth hospital and can you get on at there hospital after getting certified.