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    Did being a CNA make you NOT want to be a nurse anymore?

    I am half way through my clinical portion of CNA class. The first day at the facility I did have moments when I thought I couldn't go through with nursing at all. By the end of the day I knew for sure that nursing is the right choice for me and that I must continue on and get straight A's so that I don't end up doing CNA work!!! I do admire the good CNA's out there ( I have come across some pretty crappy ones in the short three days at the facility) the residents are totally dependent upon them and they truly do make a difference in this world. The RN's do seam to do nothing more than meds and charting, but I know from experience in a hospital setting that RN work does entail much more than that. Don't be discouraged. Remember that when you do become an RN you will have a better understanding of what your aids are going through and how to communicate with them more effectively. All of the RN's I have spoken with have told me that a good CNA is invaluable and can make or break your day.