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  1. lindsayk28

    NAT scores

    Hi everyone. I've been tallying up my points this morning for the pre-reqs I've taken so far to sort of guage where I stand. I have not taken the NAT yet and will be doing so next month once I have Chem under my belt. But I was wondering what a "good" NAT score is. If you've taken the NAT, can you post your score so I can get a frame of reference? Id really appreciate it! Thanks.
  2. lindsayk28

    Studying tissue types...wahh!!

    I'm studying over tissue types and I just can't get it to stick! I can't differentiate between simple cuboidal and stratified columnar and I can't think of little things to help me remember. I'm getting so worried..frustrated... Any tips?
  3. lindsayk28

    Friends don't understand ?

    Exactly!! Thank you for posting this. She thinks it's "just a test" but its's SOOOOOO much more! Thanks for the support :)

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