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  1. I've been told that same thing several times and just like you, I hope (once I'm an RN) that I never get used to it.
  2. Leave it to the local news channel to change the minds of future nursing students. They run a short snippet talking about how so many people ran to the nursing field for jobs when the economy started doing downhill and now say there are way too many out there. So now many students who were going to go for nursing are changing their minds...more room for me!! lol
  3. I totally agree with the bolded part! I'm such a bawl bag that I don't know how I'm going to do my job!! That right there is the best thing to hear. I'm not a nurse yet, not even in the program, but I've seen so many nurses shed a tear for their patients and each and every one of the patients and/or their family has always said thank you for caring. DITTO! I went to tell my husband about reading this post and couldn't even get a few words out before I was crying. He kind of thought I was crazy but I hope he sees my passion a bit better now.
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    What inspired you to become a nurse?

    I'm not there yet, not even in the nursing program but I'll share why it seems fitting for me. For the most part, you can decide your schedule, not totally but you are not working five days a week all day long. I love staying home with my boys and plan to homeschool but I would also like to move into a nicer house one day so to work I go. My spiritual gift is mercy. What better way to put that to use. Nothing says mercy better than showing compassion and caring for those who need it. And lastly, like many others have said, job security. A good friend of mine was an RN before she even had kids, worked for a bit after her first was born then decided to be a stay-at-home-mom for five years. She made two phone calls and got a job just like that (it DID help quite a bit that she used to work there!) she had a job again. Fast forward about six months she is not house nurse in the ER. I know it won't always work like that but it does give me hope!
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    Laptop Recommendations

    It's fun reading this thread. I, too, am in the market for a new laptop. We have an iMac and I LOVE it! It's by far my favorite computer ever. I want badly to get a MacBook but I'm still not sold on the price tag. It's very hard to compare specs for me so this is taking me a long time! I hope more people hop in there and put in their two cents!!