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  1. tjmax

    Medical Assisting to RN student

    Does anyone know the admission requirements for a Medical Assistant to be admitted to William Careys Nursing program? Are they they same as a regular student? Wondering if I have to take the TEAS V, if I am already a medical assistant.
  2. I am so scared to take the TEAS. I have all my pre-classes done and am just terrified that the TEAS will keep me from entering the program. Any advice on studying tips for the TEAS?
  3. I plan on applying for JD MGCC, William Carey, and USM. I hope this will get me into one of the programs. I'm hearing that JD is the best option. But it seems that everyone applies there. Does anyone know if their are waiting list for JD for 2010? Does everyone get accepted if you meet all the requirements for JD and/or USM?