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    Auburn BSN

    Hey friends! I just graduated from Auburn this past May and I will say they have a GREAT program going. All of the people I graduated with passed their NCLEX the first time, the faculty are great and helpful, and the community I felt with my class definitely helped throughout the two years. As far as the highly competitive nature of getting into school, it may be tough, but it's possible. I know the program is changing a lot now because they don't have the accelerated program anymore and now they are accepting fall and spring. The major advice I have is to work REALLY HARD in your core sciences (AP 1 and 2, Microbiology, Chemistry and Biology) and maintain the highest GPA possible. I only made I A and the rest Bs in my sciences and did not have any healthcare volunteer experience and I was accepted. Also, have a backup plan: I applied to UAB and AUM nursing program at the same time as Auburn's. Also a side note: Auburn is amazing, you will LOVE your time there. If you need more help, just ask!