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    to any/all fellow nurses--please help! :)

    Okay, so I need important advice from any/all fellow nurses please:)-- I am a new graduate. After interviewing for a job with a surgery center, I was hired on the spot for a position that originally had requirements of a nurse with five years operating room experience. I was given the responsibilities of full time nurse and nurse manager of the practice. I have a very positive attitude, and was thrilled to not only accept the position, but to perservere in giving everything 110%. However, it is week four of my new job and things seem to be slowly digressing-- My first week on the job, I noticed that everything at this center is INCREDIBLY disorganized. When it comes to a duty that must be done, there is no designating protocol as to who "specifically" is responsible for doing things. So when I got started in my job, not only was I not given a real orientation, but I was automatically expected to know how to do everything, and to do everything the way the center expects. I am overwhelmed in paperwork, ordering all supplies for the OR and center, front desk duties, pre-op care, post-op care, lab work, front desk work-------you name it! Every day when I'm in the middle of doing something, I have five other people coming and asking me to do something else. It is literally not possible to get everything done, but it is expected. Anytime a problem comes up, I automatically am the one who is blamed. I have the practice administrator fussing me out, doctors fussing me out, and am constantly being questioned. And I have been told a million times that I am not to have overtime hours-----which makes things even more impossible. Not only this, but the situations that continue to come up seem absolutely ridiculous. Today, I was asked to start an iv on a sick surgeon who insists on seeing patients. I started the IV only to be brought into the practice administrator's office shortly after and told that "they could not believe I did things the way I did things, they couldn't believe I wasn't competent, and they'd be watching me super closely from now on, etc etc." And in the meantime, the surgeon (against my advice), INSISTS on leaving her room while the IV is running, wheeling it along beside her, AND reporting to everyone how incompetent I am. I am responsible for everything. PERIOD. Like even tasks that seem completely unrelated those of a nurse---like replacing 50 pound oxygen gas tanks. And to make matters WORSE, I am constantly criticized. Everything is automatically my blame. Where should I go from here? Any and all suggestions are GREATLY appreciated! Sincerely, A Hopless Nurse