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  1. New Nurse NCLEX repeat test taker

    If I can do it with my super busy life. You can do it too!! Good luck!! You will be a nurse!!
  2. New Nurse NCLEX repeat test taker

    I been out nursing school for years now. I’m embarrassed to say how long. But I finally passed the NCLEX-RN after procrastinating for a few years. I took the test 3times. Passed on the 3rd try with only studying UWorld. I practiced questions and reme...
  3. Thanks for your suggestions!!! I'm just now seeing this!! I will be taking it next month. I using the Kaplan Review book. I also still have access to ATI, so I used that and Saunders review questions from CD to practice questions.
  4. I'm about to retake the Nclex-RN after being out of school for 2 years. My mom died 4 months before I graduated in Sept 2013. That devastated my life but I was able to plan her funeral and still push through finishing school. I didnt take the test ri...
  5. PCTs - How many patients?

    I'm currently a PCT in local hospital in my area and in nursing school. But I have had 18 patient at once and I was the only PCT working a 12 hour shift. I'm in the staffing pool so I get sent to whenever I'm needed but I was so upset because the nur...
  6. Job close to ATL...

    I don't know what part of Alabama you're trying to work in. I just looked up well over 20+ jobs as a LPN in Birmingham, AL.
  7. Job close to ATL...

  8. Virginia College

    I don't know about what other ppl say but the first RN class just graduated in March. They're currently in the process of taking the NCLEX & I know this because I'm currently a student @ Virginia College. They're not accredited yet but once the f...
  9. Virginia College

    It's gonna be about 2 months before you get your scrubs.
  10. Virginia College

    Yea it is about $5000 per quarter no matter how many classes you take.
  11. Virginia College

    I'm at the Birmingham campus and the facility here is great too. I like the small classes too because you get to know everyone and the teacher knows everyone. Yea it's also great the books and uniforms are included in the tuition because you don't ...
  12. Virginia College

    Well I'm currently in Virginia College nursing program. It's a great program but there are a few kinks that need to be worked out. I started June 2010 and I'm in my 2nd quarter. It is expensive but once you take the TEAS test and pass you're in the n...