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  1. OBRN4U

    Starting A Home Health Agency

    Thanks, I will search now!:)
  2. I am a RN who is trying to start a home health agency. I really need help. I am starting from scratch. I mean scratch. This is one of my goals of life that I decided to elaborate on. When I talk to ppl who already own a home health agency, all they can say......"Its a HA r u sure u want to do this?" and they don't give me any answers.To me, its just another challenge, that I think Im ready to take on. So please, can anyone help me or give me ur thoughts, opinions, or suggestions. I live in NC. Help!!
  3. OBRN4U

    Starting a home care/ home health agency

    Hello, everyone. Im researching opening a home health agency in NC, too. It seems like it will be a change. Anyone have any help or advice for someone who is not even at step one? Thanks