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  1. <3nicuRNtoBE<3

    NICUs hiring in May 2011??

    Does anybody out there know of any NICUs hiring new grads in May 2011, I know most of them call for experience and I have worked as an extern at a NICU for 2 years now and I LOVE the NICU and it is my passion, but I was just made aware that my NICU can not hire any new nurses this spring ((for the first time in 20 years )) due to them having to call nurses off so much this past year. I guess everyone is getting hit by what our economy is going through and my heart is absolutely shattered, but hopefully somewhere out there there is a NICU that wants a nurse that is strong-willed, dedicated and as hard working that I know I will be. It has been my dream since I knew neonatal intensive care nursing existed and has been my focus. It's where I belong and I would do just about anything to get there.
  2. <3nicuRNtoBE<3

    NICU research paper ideas??

    I am a senior nursing student in a Nursing Research class and we have to do an evidence-based practice research paper. I need to pick a topic soon so I can get started. I want to end up working in the NICU as an RN and I was wondering what the best thing for me to research would be that would help me the most once I am an RN in the NICU. I have thought about Kangaroo care but is there any other ideas? THANKS :)