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  1. Love911Nursing

    Hawaii Hospitals....moving soon and need opinions

    Hi, I used to work at Queens. Worst hospital I've ever worked for, 3rd world medicine, poor staffing, poor patient care. I bought malpractice insurance for myself I was so scared I'd do harm from something completely out of my control. I broke my 18 month contract early just to get out of there. Seriously - horrendous patient care, I only received a 3 day orientation (I was hired full time, not a travel nurse - but I accepted the $5k relocation bonus and had an 18 month contract). I was paid $50/hr then bumped up to $55/hr. That's fine in Hawaii if you have someone to split the bills with. For me living there alone as a single person, it was hardly enough and I didn't save a penny. Everything there is expensive. There are all kinds of shifts, mostly 12s but it totally depends on where you work, just like on the mainland. I always heard decent things about all other hospitals except Queens. They did open a new location, Queens West, so that might be slightly better but...probably not. Good luck!
  2. Love911Nursing

    Nurses as Health Coaches?

    I am lucky enough to work at a hospital and in a community that values health and wellness. I am a Health Coach RN at our hospital system and serve all hospital campuses. The best part; I am the health coach for the EMPLOYEES, not the patients! I am working towards my Nurse Health Coach Certification through the National Society of Health Coaches: National Society of Health Coaches | Health Coach Certification My job also includes completing the employee biometric screenings every year; that is not often done by an RN and it's great because we include teaching/education while we are doing the screenings. For health coaching, often this is contracted out and not done by an RN, and often done telephonically which is usually very unsuccessful.
  3. Love911Nursing

    Reputation of St Charles health system?

    Interested in relocating back to my hometown of Bend. I have no nursing experience there and do not know the reputation of St Charles in Bend. Can anyone tell me of their experience working there, or someone you know? In particular, I'm wanting to know if they treat their nurses well, have an appropriate benefits package, etc. My experience is mainly ER, in addition to some case management and currently PACU/Endo. I'm also interested in working at an outpatient surgery center. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Love911Nursing

    How to blend nursing and fitness/nutrition?

    Those are all great suggestions, Thank you!
  5. Love911Nursing

    Queens punchbowl ER

    Very unsafe nursing practices, dirty hospital, they run out of everything (namely clean blankets, iv supplies, etc. things that are NECESSARY to do your job or for the patient's comfort), horrendous management. I could go on and on, but would be too department specific and I don't want to do that.
  6. Love911Nursing

    American Nurse Seeking to Work in Australia

    Bump. It is now 2016! This thread has been dead for awhile. Is anyone actively working on the process to work/live in Australia? Would love to get an updated running dialogue of anyone working on this. Also, I would love to hear updates from people who have already completed this process and made the transition to working in a new country!
  7. Love911Nursing

    Updated thread for US RN-->Australia

    Hello, I'm a nurse with almost 4 years nursing experience with my BSN. I am looking to relocate to Australia towards the end of this year. I have been on the Nursing & Midwifery Board of Australia website and it seem so convoluted, I'm not sure what to do first. To me, it isn't very streamlined and there isn't a checklist. So, I'm writing to hopefully begin an updated running conversation of anyone who has recently gone through or is currently in the process of obtaining a working visa and job. I've searched threads here and googled things, but it's all several years outdated. Currently, I do not know of any international nursing agencies that are currently assisting with the process. Thank you for any input you have.
  8. Love911Nursing

    Queens punchbowl ER

    Been there, done that, HATED it. Switched to another department completely; hated that as well. Would never work there again, and wouldn't want to be a patient there, either. Took their relocation bonus when I moved out here from the mainland; couldn't stick it out 18 months so I broke the contract and paid part of the bonus back. Any other hospital here is better than Queen's.
  9. Love911Nursing

    Pay for QMC/HPH

    The hospital and specifically my department. Oahu is amazing!
  10. Love911Nursing

    Pay for QMC/HPH

    Just want to throw in my 2 cents. Consider the possibility of not liking the workplace/work environment and you being locked in to a 18 month contract just because QMC offers a relocation bonus and HPH does not. I am in that unfortunate position right now and at this point, giving back the money is disappointing and a bit of a hardship but if that's what it takes to get out of my contract, then that's how it will have to be. It's very difficult to make such a big move to the islands when you don't know the reputation of each hospital system. But, be weary of QMC is all I'm saying.
  11. Love911Nursing

    Pay for QMC/HPH

    Congrats. What area are you going to be working in?
  12. Hi all - I'm a RN BSN with 3 yrs of experience solely in the emergency department. I'll be honest, I'm starting to get burnt out. My main passion lies in fitness and nutrition. To be honest, if I could go back and do things over, I would have found a career path that aligns more with that. As it is now, I'm wondering if there is a way to blend the two. Is rehab an area I would enjoy? I'm picturing rehabbing patients (such as those affected after a traumatic injury, or cardiac event, etc) using a multidisciplinary approach to achieve wellness again. In what setting does this exist? What can I do to transition to something where I can fuel my other passion? ER nursing has been good to me but I'm finding myself imagining myself using my degree in other ways. I am working towards getting my NASM personal training certification but this is limiting. I know there's got to be something else out there. Do you have any advice for me? Thanks for your replies.
  13. Love911Nursing

    Pay for QMC/HPH

    Just wanted to mention that I know Queen's does offer a relocation bonus if you sign the 18 month contract. Not sure about HPH.
  14. Love911Nursing

    New to Honolulu @ Queen's

    Sure! I have my BSN. Most hospitals here require at least a BSN to be hired.
  15. Love911Nursing

    New to Honolulu @ Queen's

    I heard back within a week of the phone interview. Good luck!
  16. Love911Nursing

    New to Honolulu @ Queen's

    Hi there - it was all by phone!