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  1. Love911Nursing

    Question re: ED and mental health

    Hi there, I am a nursing student in a BSN program with one year left. My goal is to work in the ED. But, I also have found I love mental health nursing. From what I gather, someone who enjoys the mental health/illness population is much-needed in the ED setting. I'd like to combine the two by gaining extra training or certificates in mental health. I also would be interested in working with sexual trauma victims. Being that I am still a student, I wondered if there is anything I can do to beef up my resume in addition to regular certs (ACLS and the trauma courses) in order to gain an interview. Thanks for any advice you have to give!
  2. Love911Nursing

    Looking for externship opportunities

    Summer 2011 I would love to experience a nursing externship. I am interested in critical care, specifically the ED. Does anyone have an recommendations? I live in Oregon and am willing to go anywhere for the right opportunity!
  3. Love911Nursing

    Question about ER tech position

    Thanks all. Just got an email this morning that I am not an exact match for what they are looking for, even though I fit some of their qualifications. Oh well. Thanks for your encouraging replies.
  4. Love911Nursing

    Question about ER tech position

    Thanks for your kind words. Since I'm new to this...if it is on call, how much notice would I get? And what if I can't for some reason? I mean, how obligated am I to come in when called? I want to make sure I can dedicate 100% but being a nursing student, you know how time consuming studying can be, papers, group work, etc. But this is exciting to me because of all the valuable experience I will get. I'm torn.
  5. Love911Nursing

    Question about ER tech position

    I am a nursing student that will be beginning my Junior year of nursing school next week through a BSN program. I am interested in working in the ED one day. I have not had much luck in my quest to observe in the ED this summer and cannot volunteer through the hospital at this point. I just saw a local hospital I will have my clinicals at is hiring for ER tech I position. They are hiring for on-call, weekends. I've never been employed in a medical position to-date, and have worked mostly retail in the past. Would applying for this job be somewhat pointless to me at this point or could it be beneficial? I'm thinking about the skills it would allow me to learn as well as being in the hospital setting separate from being a nursing student. I only get to see the ED once during my entire time in nursing school, so I really want to explore it further before I become a Senior and choose where I would like to be placed for the last 6 months of school. Would the stress of a new job such as this be too much to add to my already stressful life? I'd love your thoughts. Thank you!
  6. Love911Nursing

    How does working in the OR affect your body?

    Thanks for the quick replies! I'm excited to see all areas of nursing specialties but unfortunately nursing school really limits that. We work on the floor a lot and will only see ER, OR, ICU, etc. once in all 3 yrs of clinical experience. So it's hard to decide where to chose where I go for 6 months my senior year since I have such limited knowledge of the areas I am interested in. This site has been great to learn about all areas, though. It has opened my eyes to different areas I didn't even know existed!
  7. I ask this because I have mild scoliosis and have had chronic back pain since I was a child. Standing for any period of time absolutely kills me, so unfortuately I know I will be in pain wherever I work. But the OR is where I am interested in working and I spent 7 hours there shadowing and was about in tears by the end of the day. My back was screaming and my feet were in pain and every muscle was tense. If I were to work there, would I have the ability to leave and take a break (AKA sitting down or stretching) for several minutes when I need it? What do you do to prepare yourself for hours of standing? Do you adjust to it? How does your feet take it? Also, what are the hours like? Are you usually on a set schedule and know you what days you are free ahead of time? The reason I ask is because I have horses and they are a lifelong hobby and also investment of time and money. I want to find a career in nursing supports my love of the outdoors and allows me to "have a life" and not be a slave to my job (meaning, an ideal schedule that allows me to still get outside & away from work). I want to have time to ride, go to barrel races, care for my animals, and enjoy my life. I'm very open to all areas of nursing, so please give me your thoughts.