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  1. Difficult patients and families

    I agree that "customer service" is great. I have no problem including the family in the care and keeping them informed of what's going on. However, the hospital I work for has decided it spends too much money on free coffee, so now we can't give that...
  2. emergency dept staffing with paramedics/emts

    Having worked with and without techs in the ER, I have to say that I do enjoy having techs working with me. They provide a great, yet underpaid service. As far as having paramedics replacing RN's in the ER, I think that would be the greatest mistake ...
  3. Pods in the ER

    Our Er is going to "pods" as a nursing delivery system. It sounds great in theory, but I do have some concerns. The nurses working with me are mostly new grads. Has anyone worked the system and how do you like it? ------------------ Missy
  4. new nurse orientation

    As a preceptor where I work, I like to have the first 4 hours to go over paperwork, the area, and a tour of the hospital. I also feel the preceptee needs time to read the ED procedure manual. Then we go for patient care. I have written an orientation...
  5. New grad in the ER?

    I have to agree with TraumaNurse30. It would be better for you to have some experience under your belt before you come to the ED. Pt ratios are higher. Sometimes you have to watch the whole ED while other staff handle an emergency. You also need to l...
  6. Holding admitted pt in ED

    I hate holding admits in the ED. One night last week, I had 4 working ED beds out of 40 because of all the admissions. It is OK for the ED nurse to have a ratio of 8:1, but not OK for the floor nurses? Something is wrong here. I don't know the answer...
  7. customer service versus patient care

    Back in th 80's, the hospital I worked for began the customer service routine. The nurses hated it. We give care,not service. If the physicians want to be a service industry that is up to them. They shouldn't drag nursing into it. We give care, not s...
  8. Atkins Diet low carb

    I think the best answer is to read his book. This diet is not for everyone. I have done some homeopathic nursing and have found that most men do well with Atkins, most women do better with high complex carbs. Some do not respond to either and need th...
  9. Regents College

    I am currently getting my degree at UOP, online. It is expensive, but a good program and it is great not to have to go to class. I have worked with RN's from Reagents. They have no clinical backround and are seriously lacking drug information. The on...
  10. 8 hour shift vs. 12 hour shift - your opinion...

    I have worked 8,10, and 12 hour shifts. The 8 hr shifts are the easiest to get through, but you have to be there more often. I think I have a better life with the 12 hr, 3 days/wk shift. It is hard to get through the last 4 hours, that's true. But it...
  11. Team Nursing

    I have worked in team nursing with anywhere from 10-25 patients, 1 RN, maybe a LPN, and 1-2 aides. With the nursing shortage and the increased patient acuity, I can see no other reasonable alternative. As RN's we know that our giving direct patient c...
  12. Nursing Shortage

    Nursing schools are replacing only 30% of retiring nurses, that doesn't include the ones leaving the profession for more lucretative areas. Everyone is hit hard right now. Patients are demanding more and we have less help. I agree that hospitals shou...
  13. nursing salaries

    Every nurse is overworked and underpaid. In AZ, the pay is about 16.00/hr starting. It doesn't go up much more. The hospital I work at dropped the clinical ladder. I guess it's the going thing. ------------------ Missy