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Our Er is going to "pods" as a nursing delivery system. It sounds great in theory, but I do have some concerns. The nurses working with me are mostly new grads. Has anyone worked the system and how do you like it?



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Welcome to the world of the pod people. Our level I with 65K visits/year has done pods for the last year. We have rearranged them periodically to try different ways. We are now doing one RN to every 2-3 pts. I don't think this would be helpful to new grads because you really have to think on your feet quickly. However, we are looking at putting 2 nurses to 4-5 pts and pairing a tech (EMT-B) with them. I think this would be more supportive to new grads. We recently hired three new grads and over the last year we have hired 6 total. The nursing shortage, you know. Good luck!


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Pods - I wasn't even sure what this refferered too, until I asked someone.

I have worked an an ER for 4 yeas now. We have assignments, 1RN to rooms 1(eye\ent room), 2 (trauma room) , 3 (Trauma room), 1 RN to room 4 (ortho\minor stuff) only (see the end note), 1 RN to 5 (OB/gyn) ,6 (cardiac/ICU type patients), 7 (same as 6) , 1 RN to 8 (same as 6&7) , 9 (same as 6&7&8),14 (anything), 1 RN to 15-18 (usually and eventually 1 RN to the thur-care area. Then there is currently 1 RN to triage (will be two soon) and a chrge nurse with no patient assignment.

***Note: The RN or Medic with rm number 4, floats and helps everybody else with their assignments. This person and the charge nurse help cover their rooms while people are at dinner also. This has worked out very well for all of us. One thing that we do though, is that everybody helps everybody when we are caught up. If anybody gets stuck as hall patients, then the float and charge person pick those up also.

any questions email me!!!


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