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  1. kevinadurr

    Epic Need Help

    I have been an Epic Clin Doc builder for several years. Your institution should have how to guides and step by step tip sheets. Try to track down your nurse educator or ask a coworker who is still going to class if they can get you a copy. Most Epic GoLives also include self training modules online. However for admitting, discharge, and meds those process vary from one to the next so it would be best to try and reach out to ask for reinforcement. Don't be shy, there should a team of trainers who are wanting to help. Kevin Durr (askRNi)
  2. kevinadurr

    Nursing Student Writers

    Looking for some help from student nurses who would like to write about nursing technology, research articles, NCLEX Prep, and anything else related to nursing education. Please direct message me for more information.
  3. kevinadurr

    Facebook or Blackboard SNA

    Be sure to check your stats in BlackBoard. Every click in Blackboard can be traced and provide a detailed analysis for what features students tend to use more than others. Don't be discouraged of numbers are low at first. Running a participant website takes good planning and determination.
  4. kevinadurr

    Is a tablet a good investment for nursing school

    For school, I utilized an ipod because it was also allowed in clinical and could fit in my pocket. While Ipads and tablets are the newest and coolest thing, productivity requires a behavioral change adjustment. The best combo for school is a laptop and ipod for mobility. Spend some time looking into online clouds such as Google Docs to store powerpoints and class assignments.