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  1. Factory Ten

    Expired Epinephrine?

    I was helping dispose of some old medication today. We tossed some ampules of epi that expired in 2005 (its a long story.) I was wondering what happens to epi when it expires? I tried Googling this, but got no answer. If I was to inject someone with 0.3mg of 1:1000 IM epi that was five years expired, what would happen? Would it work, but at a reduced strength or something else? There was no precipitate in the ampule or discoloration. And just to be clear, I'm only asking because the RN on staff didn't know and I just want my curiosity satisfied.
  2. Factory Ten

    Prescription needed for saline!?

    I was at a medical supply store today. In the course of conversation, the owner of it told me that he could not sell qualities of 0.9% NaCl saline that were more than 100mL in volume. Apparently to purchase more, one needs a prescription. He wasn't able to tell me why this is, and Google hasn't given me an answer. Oddly enough, Amazon sells liter bottles of sterile saline. Is this just some random California thing or what?
  3. Factory Ten

    Can't Hear Brachial Pulse

    Today in class we began learning about taking vital signs. When it comes to pulses, though, I've been having a lot of trouble. I can only find the brachial and radial pulses occasionally. And when I try to hear the brachial pulse through my stethoscope, I simply can't. Its the latter issue that's really frustrating me. Is it commonly possible to auscultate the brachial pulse without the BP cuff being attached and partially inflated? Or is this a sound that I'd most likely only hear with a higher-end stethoscope?