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  1. Oh boy... so many posts about not being able to find a job as a NG with no experience and, for those that do find a job, hating their jobs and nursing not being what they thought! Ugh. Are these posts the exception or the norm? Not encouraging. I hate my job now! Anyone having second thoughts with the state of our economy and limited jobs for NGs (and so many of us tring to get into NS)? I have to admit, I am also a bit nervous about possibly working all nights when I have had a day job for my entire professional career. Big change. So much to consider. I think I need a mental health day today!
  2. I have a BS in Nutrition and Food Science and have taken Chemistry, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry (ugh), etc. But that was 15 years ago! I am interested in applying to FSCJ in Jacksonville, FL and they do not include your CHM grade in your point calculation for admission. Do you think they would accept my undergrad chemistry classes to fullfil the CHM pre-req given that it was so long ago? And if they did, should I retake it anyway? How much of the RN program is built upon basic Chemistry? I could always purchase the textbook and review the basics on my own. This would be one less class that I need to complete before I am able to apply to the program, and the grade doesn't count towards my admission points anyway. But... I certainly wouldn't want to compromise my 'foundation' for the actual program!
  3. mm1294

    Booo! Torn ligament.

    I work in DME... get a rigid ankle brace that will still allow for some ROM, but provide support/stability, but limit further strain to the ligament during recovery/rehab. Much like a functional knee brace for a torn ACL!
  4. mm1294

    Fall 2010 FSCJ RN Nights and Weekends

    Are you currently in this program? I asked a question as to how many students were accepted into each class, etc. and was told 24 for Fall and 24 for Summer (no Spring Nights/Weekends). Do you work during the day? I am trying to realistically decide if it would be possible to work PT/FT during the week and complete this program. I have no kids, but a fairly hectic job during the day. Thoughts?
  5. mm1294

    FSCJ - Evenings/Weekends?

    I have been reading through the many posts here and have seen a few people reference acceptance into the FSCJ ADN program for evenings/weekends? Does anyone know how many students they acceptance for each class for this track? I would like to work for as long as possible while in school, though I am thinking that may not last long from what I'm reading! Thanks!
  6. I am in Jax, FL and from what I understand FSCJ has a track of their ADN program that allows students to complete both academic and clinicals at night and on the weekends, and I would guess admission is quite competitive. I could continue to work in my current field as I complete my pre-req's and possibly for a while as an actual RN student and continue to save $$$. Combing through the posts on this site has opened my eyes to the scenario with nurses, particularly with no experience, and a possible limitation in employment opportunities. Yes, I realize I will make considerably less as an RN than a medical device rep, BUT I can't see myself in sales at 50. I could DEFINITELY see myself as an RN at 50, and well beyond! What I realize is that I want a career and not just a job.
  7. mm1294

    FSCJ/FCCJ point system/withdrawing

    What counts as health-related work experience? Is it strictly clinical (eg, CNA, MA, etc)? I have 10 years of experience in pharmaceutical/medical device sales. Does that count for anything? My work experience affords me a strong knowledge of A&P, Pharmacology, clinic works with patients, etc. Not sure if that would count for anything.
  8. I work in Ortho/Sports Medicine. I am just not challenged. At all. The most satisfying part of my job is my contact with patients, which is fairly often with my product line. I can't imgaine still being a sales rep, or even a manager, in 10+ years. I see so many possibilities with nursing... acute care, private practice, case manager, administration, education, etc. I want a career and not just a well paying job. Maybe I'm nuts, but I'm completely dissatisfied as well.
  9. I currently work in medical device sales. I make well over $100k... and hate EVERY SINGLE DAY of my job. I am 39, no kids. I have wanted to go to nursing school since starting in the medical sales industry in my mid-20's. My (now) XH discouraged me from quitting such a "good" job... blah, blah, blah. I have enough money saved to support my fixed bills for about a year at this point, and would have at least another year to save while I work on my pre-req's. I have a BS in Nutrition and Food Science and need to take the pre-req's, as it's been forever. I would be 40-41 before I could even start RN school. My undergrad GPA is just under a 3.0, which is well below par and I need to retake these classes to obtain the most competitive GPA possible for admission to RN school. My question? Do people obtain loans to support themselves through school, etc? I just can't seem to wrap my mind around how I can quit my job and to go to school. My goal would be to obtain my RN and then work (at least PT) and finish my BSN. In the future, I'd actually like to be a NP. How do you guys do it?!? I need help... inspiration. This is what I want to do. Thanks!