Just spent some time in the "first year after nursing licensure" forum...

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Oh boy... so many posts about not being able to find a job as a NG with no experience and, for those that do find a job, hating their jobs and nursing not being what they thought! Ugh. Are these posts the exception or the norm?

Not encouraging. I hate my job now!

Anyone having second thoughts with the state of our economy and limited jobs for NGs (and so many of us tring to get into NS)? I have to admit, I am also a bit nervous about possibly working all nights when I have had a day job for my entire professional career. Big change.

So much to consider. I think I need a mental health day today! :confused:

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No second thoughts for me. Although the stories on here seem gloom, there is still hope. I don't surround myself with those gloomy stories because all professions are suffering in this economy. I love hearing the stories of new grads who have found jobs. I'm a career changer and I'm expecting my first nursing job to be tough, no walk in the park.

The thing to concider, is one more likely to bother making a post in the "first year after nursing licensure" forum if they have made a smooth transision into nursing, or are having issues due to being new to nursing, whether not finding a job, or hating the job they ended up in because of being new? It's one of the cases where that forum is going to be people looking for advise for PROBLEMS with being new. Anyone posting, even in first year, if not having problems due to being new, likely will post in other forums.

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