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currently in my sophmore year of college, trying to get my prerequisites out of the way

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  1. readerwriter8

    1st day of LPN school

    Good luck!
  2. readerwriter8

    Fall 2012 lpn classes

    one week from today I start class!! uber excited and nervous, have to go up to the school this wednesday to get a photo id made so ready to begin
  3. readerwriter8

    How To Answer The Most Common Nursing Interview Questions

    Thank you so much for this. I've never been to an actual interview in my life so I didn't even know where to start.
  4. readerwriter8

    Fall 2012 lpn classes

    1: what date you start/ school name August 20/Holmes CC 2: how long is your program 12 months 3: why are you becoming an lpn.. That's hard to put into words...because I want to...because nursing interests me...because I want to be a nurse...because I want to help people but have an interesting job at the same time, lot's of different reasons 4: how much is your program Tuition is about $5000 plus another $3000ish for supplies (for the whole 12 months) Ads by Google
  5. readerwriter8

    Accepted in LPN Program!!(:

    Congrats! I got accepted into a program too but I have no clue when I start. Orientation is this Thursday so I'll find out then 😱 Good luck!
  6. readerwriter8

    Anyone failed nursing school and went back and was successful?

    This was....very much needed. I failed the RN program once in the first semester and am now waiting to hear if I can go back (i was eligible for readmission). However I am also applying to other programs. It was incredibly hard not to have passed. I failed by .1 point. You had to have an 80 and I had a 79.4. I've finally stopped beating myself up about it, picked myself up by my bootstraps, and am going to try again. I wish this thread was more popular because when you fail you feel like you're the only one in the world. Thanks again
  7. readerwriter8

    Preparing for ATI

    Hello everyone In just a few weeks my ADN class will be taking the ATI test We have a book but it is very small and very comprehensive I'm feeling pretty anxious seeing as we have to have a 90% to pass (and if we pass we don't have to take our final, isn't that great!) My question is: how did you prepare for the ATI test? did you study at all? how many times did it take you to pass? (we only have one try ) is it extremely difficult? Thanks in advance! :)
  8. readerwriter8

    Helpful first year tips

    Still a nursing student so no helpful tips but: Congrats!
  9. readerwriter8

    Holmes ADN acceptance letters for Fall 2011

    When is orientation? The secretary at Grenada told me to just show up on the first day but I wonder if she meant for ridgeland or Grenada campus...
  10. readerwriter8

    Holmes ADN acceptance letters for Fall 2011

    the ADN program, i just found out this morning actually
  11. readerwriter8

    Holmes ADN acceptance letters for Fall 2011

    i didnt read all of these so im not sure if the OP knows yet but there were problems with the acceptance letters a lot of people didnt get there's for some reason, me included i would make sure to call, i did and the lady on the phone told me a lot of people didnt accept which was strange so she was trying hard to let people know they were accepted good luck!
  12. readerwriter8

    why did you choose L&D.....

    you would probably get more advice if you started your own post that way, you still respect the original poster by not moving people off her topic but still get the information you want enjoy your volunteering
  13. readerwriter8

    Nurse assaulted

  14. readerwriter8

    Spend Money on Cure, Not Care

    do you even work in healthcare?