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  1. newNYCrn

    So my first nursing job sucks!!!

    Hi there, I am new grad myself. After reading your story, if I was in your position I would RUN LIKE HECK! I have worked way too hard to earn my license and I will not do anything that jeopardizes it or my safety or my patients. If your employer isn't willing to provide adequate training for you, it's time to make a serious decision. Yea there is a recession and "new" grads have become "stale". But would you rather seriously hurt yourself or someone else or sit at home for a few weeks. Tough call but remember the life you save will be your own!
  2. newNYCrn

    Advice on Nursing Career

    Great decision to become a Nurse. Def go the BSN route, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I was recently hired at a facility in NYC that ONLY accepts RNs with their BSN (ADN only if they are currently matriculated in a BSN program and plan to graduate within a year). Nursing school is TOUGH no ifs ands or buts about it. Focus on your goal and you will do well. Browse around other threads for words of encouragement but congrats on your decision to enter into a wonderful profession.
  3. Good evening, First off $45 is ALOT of money for a new grad. I am a new grad myself and my starting salary is $81,000 (hourly rate of $38 with .66 for edu differential and $2.99 for nightly diff). It is possible but again I do it because nursing is my passion, otherwise, $300,000 wouldn't be enough to do what we do!
  4. newNYCrn

    How I Got My First Nursing Job

    That is an AWESOME story. I am a new grad myself (graduated cum laude in May, took my boards in July) and I recently got hired at a top hospital in NYC. For all those new grads don't give up hope your dreams WILL come to pass